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Bridal trends of recent times

The wedding day is one of the most special days in a woman’s life and the choice of wedding dress is at the center of this important day.

In recent years, wedding dress trends are shifting towards simpler and lighter designs.

Brides-to-be prefer more minimal and elegant wedding dresses instead of rough and heavy models.

This trend has created a new trend in the wedding dress industry and light tulle fabrics combined with vintage style have become the favorite of wedding dress designs.

We have compiled trend models for you…

Guipure details added in very few places

Thin plain satin fabrics with big but plain bows

Not too fluffy stone embroidered flat models

Transparent tulle and no embroidery bridal gowns

This change in wedding dress trends has allowed brides-to-be to choose wedding dresses that reflect their style and feel more comfortable.

Bridal gowns made of plain and light fabrics offer a combination of elegance and simplicity, giving brides a charming look.

Vintage details and light tulle fabrics create a romantic and nostalgic atmosphere in wedding dresses.

While this trend increases flexibility in choosing wedding dresses, it makes brides feel unique and comfortable.

Bridal gowns crowning this day, which is special for every bride-to-be, are appreciated by brides-to-be with their simple and light designs.

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