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Couples who reveal the secret of their long distance relationship

Long distance relationships are difficult and require great effort. Without further ado, let’s listen to the couples who can maintain a smooth relationship despite the distance between them.

“We turned time difference into advantage”

While Malena Cahall and Schuyler Wilson are in their dating period, Schuyler is traveling to Singapore for eight months for work. and Malena got a job doing tours abroad. Although the time between them seems like a big disadvantage, our couple turned this into an advantage; “Because there was a 13 hour time difference between us, I was getting up early while Schuyler was getting ready for bed and getting ready to go to work. During this time, we were able to video chat via Skype. While one of us was awake, the other was asleep, we were sending e-mails to each other and playing PS4 online at the weekend. We could pass the time.” Malena Cahall and Schuyler Wilson are currently married.

“We sent each other video messages and letters”

The couple Collette Stohler and Scott Stohler had to live apart for a while. Scott lived in Chicago, Collette in Los Angeles. The couple, who met in Nevada, traveled back and forth between the two cities to meet each week. The couple started sending video messages to each other and wrote letters to make them feel more special.

“We tried all applications”

Knowing each other since high school, the couple Marina Lvova and Sean Roker became close friends during their university years, and a few years later this friendship began to develop. transformed. Marina had the opportunity to travel the world for a year, but was afraid of the negative effects of their relationship and considered turning down the opportunity. Her boyfriend, Sean, said they’d be able to handle it somehow. One month before the start of Marina’s journey, Sean began looking at tickets for the dates his girlfriend was going to visit. Another method they kept in contact with during this process was video chat.

“We tried all video calling applications that we could reach in all countries. We were video chatting every few days and texting every day. It was impossible for us to share everything, but we tried to do it as much as we could. We had some difficulties in the days we experienced the difference, but this process strengthened our relationship. We are going home together next month.”

“We surprised each other”

Jenny Adams, who met an app while in New York and Chris Page couldn’t spend time together because they traveled too much. Always in southeast Asia, Jenny had her first date in Hong Kong with Chris, whom she had been dating for four months, after several incidents by chance.

Jenny and Chris, who fell in love a while after their first date, managed to maintain their long-distance relationship by seeing each other every six months after 3.5 years. The couple to each other; He made surprises such as going to them unannounced.

“After a 25-hour flight one weekend, he came to me and we went to the New York Rangers game. Another time, I invited Chris’s sister from New Zealand to Bangkok. And on my last birthday, I sent a map with little jokes in it, and after following the roads, he found out that I wasn’t in New York, waiting for him at the cafe next to his office.”

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