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Disadvantages of living in the same house before marriage

Being together all the time with your partner, meeting with mutual friends, doing all the work together, traveling and sleeping together… sounds good, doesn’t it? But unfortunately, you also run the risk of seeing that this thought is not at all as imagined.

Although this is not the same for everyone, the fact that young couples start living together can often cause individual couples to feel trapped or even trapped in their relationship with their partner. Because living together is not as binding as marriage, but it is not completely independent…

At the beginning of relationships, everything is based on excitement and fun. Considering the burden of economic obligations and household obligations, this exciting life will inevitably bring a person face to face with the realities of life after a while.

Although seeing your lover’s clothes in your own closet accelerates the blood flow in your veins, this situation can become unbearable after a while in direct proportion to your endurance.

One disadvantage is that the food runs out quickly after grocery shopping ???? If your partner touches your last cheese, you start to translate the salavat in Russian.

Imagine living in the same house with a rapid transition from loneliness. Your partner is everywhere! With the residue he left in the toilet with his dirty socks. What if that sock comes out of your bed? That’s your temple…

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying don’t live, of course, maybe you’ll give up on getting married, maybe that’s a blessing too ????

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