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If summer has energy, winter has romance too! Here are the beauties of winter love

Love, which is called a state of extreme commitment to a certain person, is a guest knocking on our door in the summer, but with the cold weather, it hosts a new excitement that warms us.

There is a belief that the love that we all expect with great hopes, and that even dreaming is enough to make the butterflies fly in our stomachs, will be experienced in the most pleasant way in summer. Realizing the beginning of this excitement with the energy of a warm season strengthens the foundation of the belief that the season of love will be written. For some, it’s the other way around. Falling in love in winter with the energy of white covered with snowflakes is both more romantic and longer-lasting. So is it really so?

Although it is a reality of summer love for fragrant flowers, flying butterflies and people with high energy, Hawaya for those who are looking for a serious relationship on the way to marriage; It defines meeting a winter love that will warm your heart.

The advantages of having love in winter

  • With the end of the summer season and the cold weather, people are calming down and the conversations you will have in a cafe that will increase your energy with a hot chocolate with your winter love will allow you to move forward in your relationship with more calm and confident steps.
  • Unlike summer love, winter love allows you to create valuable time periods that will allow you to get to know the person you love, and the steps of a solid relationship are taken.

Hawaya, an online dating application for those who are looking for a serious relationship on the way to marriage, so that we can experience all the beauty of winter love in the best way; With the “Selfie Verification” system, it offers users the opportunity to meet in a safe environment, and when you believe you have found the right person, it enables you to put your relationship on a solid foundation by using the “Incognito Mode” feature. It also gives you the opportunity to introduce your love of winter to your loved ones with its “Witness” feature. It’s time to take the first step to meet your winter love, which will warm you up in cold weather.

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