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Men should stop relying on their wrists and women on their tongues.

Men should stop trusting their wrists and women should stop relying on their tongue…

You have created aggressive and conflicting women because you are trying to resolve it with verbal violence.

– You created women with frowning eyebrows by constantly seeing women as weak.

– Since you see them as second-rate, you have created a profile of women who are constantly competing with men instead of being themselves.

– Since you have been damaged by your shoes, you dressed them for protection, not as they wanted.

– You did not need to improve yourself because you believed that you could solve everything with your physical strength.

– Even while watching on TV, you looked for fault in someone who was raped or exposed to violence.

– When you looked at someone else’s wife and daughter, you blamed them. When looking at your wife and daughter, you attacked the ministers.

– As long as the man trusts his wrist and the woman trusts his tongue, the conflicts do not end…

The essence of the word; We are not equal except for legal rights. We are two different sexes of the human race. Instead of competing and fighting, we should respect each other’s differences and not turn our own anxiety into jealousy, control and pressure…

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