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Singles’ expectations from relationships in 2023

The dating application OkCupid, which finds the most suitable match for its users by asking questions about the subjects they care about in life, such as their interests and lifestyles, examined 10 billion answers to the questions. Here’s what singles expect from online dating in 2023.

The most popular of the questions, which received more than 500 million answers on OkCupid in 2022 alone, were:

  • Has inflation affected your romantic relationships?
  • Is it important for you to take care of your partner’s health?
  • Would you rather take a walk together on a first date or meet at a venue?
  • How long would you wait to stop your other flirtations and decide on a relationship with just one person?
  • Would you date someone who isn’t your usual “type”?
  • Do you understand what the metaverse is?
  • Are you sensitive?
  • Are you an emotional person?

Economy affects dating habit

Globally, almost 40% of OkCupid users say inflation is affecting their dating lives, and it’s the young people who feel it the most. On OkCupid, 42% of Gen Z singles, 35% of Gen Y and 29% of Gen X are feeling the impact of the economy.

Those who are open to talking about their mental health with their date are more attractive.

Almost all of the 1.6 million users who answered the questions believe that mental health is as important as physical health. In 2022, there is an 18% increase in users mentioning “mental health” and “therapy” on OkCupid profiles compared to 2021. This number is expected to increase in 2023, as Gen Z considers mental health to be as important as physical health.
Men want to be able to open their souls to their partners.

Men, in particular, say they’re more open to talking about mental health with their partners. While 71% of men responding to this question on OkCupid stated that mental health is important and they are open to thinking and talking about it, 21% think it is important but they need time to talk about it comfortably with their partners. Men who say they’re open to talking about their mental health get 276% more Likes and 201% more Matches than men who disagree.

Expectations need to be clear to maintain relationship health

Knowing what to expect from a relationship and being able to talk about it is important for the health of the relationship. Those who can set boundaries in their relationships get 68% more Likes than those who can’t. They also get 5% more matches.

Signs of being ready for intercourse

Being nice to yourself, accepting your feelings and realizing your potential are the most important steps to being ready for a relationship. Most of OkCupid respondents (97%) believe it is important to ‘be nice to yourself’. People who think so get 92% more Likes and 30% more Matches.

Being sensitive and fragile is a sign of honesty.

Being vulnerable is one of the traits that singles find most attractive these days. 9 out of 10 users on OkCupid describe themselves as sensitive. This honesty pays off when it comes to dating, especially for men. In 2022, men who say they are sensitive get almost 2x more Likes and Matches than men who say they are not sensitive.

Gen Z is open to dating in the metaverse

The term Metaverse, which has just started to enter our lives, has also taken its place in OkCupid questions and has attracted great interest from users. Metaverse questions, which received more than 500 thousand answers, are as follows;

According to OkCupid data; While some of the users were open to discovering the metaverse, those who were most interested in the metaverse were the younger generations; Generation Z and Generation Y. Generation Z is most interested in having an online-only relationship.

These data are only the beginning of the future trend. The Metaverse will be a universe where more and more first dates will happen, and it will remain a part of our lives.

The most flirty day of the year is January 8

The busiest day for online dating applications throughout the year will be the first Sunday of the year, Sunday, January 8. January is one of the most popular months for making new friends:

  • 50+ million New Chats
  • 530+ million Likes
  • 40+ million Matches

If you’re single, dating and wanting a relationship, here are two great tips to boost your success on OkCupid!

Send the first message: Nearly 40 million first messages were sent on OkCupid last January, and we anticipate a 10% monthly increase in January 2023. On OkCupid, female-initiated conversations take more than twice as long as male-initiated conversations.

Express your expectations from the relationship honestly: Most of the over 7 million people on OkCupid were asked how long they wanted their next relationship to be; 41% say in a few months to a few years, 37% say for the rest of their lives. In addition, 7 out of 10 singles say they’re most attracted to someone they’ll be with forever, not dating for the rest of their lives.

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