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What are we now?: Situationship relationship

“Situationship,” a term you probably haven’t heard before, is “What are you now?” If you are familiar with the question, this article will be especially suitable for you.

“Situationship” is a term derived from the English word “relationship” meaning “relationship”. Later, the word “situation” meaning “situation” and the word “ship” were combined to form the term “situationship”. Thus, it is used to describe a situation that does not exactly qualify as a relationship, but evokes a relationship. In other words, it refers to the “unnamed gray area between relationship and friendship”.

What are the main features of the situationship relationship?

  1. Uncertainty of Relationship Status:If either party cannot make a precise definition of what the relationship is, this is a fundamental feature of the situationship relationship.
  2. Unexplained Loyalty: People in a situationship relationship often do not feel fully committed to each other. Therefore, they allow them to meet with other people as well. This can be appealing in a way that offers a sense of freedom.
  3. Uncertain Future:In situationship relationships, it is difficult to make predictions about the future of the relationship, because the parties do not know where the relationship will evolve and it becomes difficult to make serious plans.

So, what to do in an unnamed relationship?

In fact, if both parties do not want to name the relationship, then there is no problem. But more often than not, one side can have more intense feelings for the other and things can get complicated. At this point, it’s important to gain clarity and ensure that the gray area turns black or white.

In the situationship relationship, it is necessary to take bold steps to clarify the situation. If problems become chronic, it may also be helpful to seek professional support from experts. When a person faces this relationship, he should question the reasons that fill the void and should not forget his own worth.

In conclusion, remember that every person is valuable and unique. You have the right to love and respect yourself. Do not hesitate to prioritize your own happiness in your relationships!

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