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Why are we afraid of falling in love?

Love is a must-have for some of us, a collection of emotions that must be avoided for some of us. While most people think how nice it is to meet someone special, some tend to only see the negative side of it. However, it is in our hands to transform these disadvantages into a positive structure and to overcome our real fears and become stronger. In order for the human race, which is social as a being, not to turn into individuals who become lonely, it is necessary to overcome their fears.

It’s hard to ask for help

It’s hard to show you’re vulnerable because most of us assume we love perfect people. But some mistakes are what make us who we are. Opening up to your partner about these doubts, past mistakes, or undesirable character traits is a great way to consolidate your relationship. In fact, by giving your partner the opportunity to help you solve them together, you will strengthen the bond in your relationship.

You are afraid of repeating past mistakes

We all have had and continue to make mistakes. It is very normal to be afraid of repeating the negativities in your past relationships. But you’re already in control of the negatives you’ve been through, and you’re likely to have the ability to protect yourself. You never know what a new relationship will bring. Therefore, staying away from it does not mean that you will never make mistakes in life. It is obvious, maybe you have sailed for a union that leads to the solution of problems.

Loneliness may come easier

If you’re an introvert, you’ll probably find it easier to deal with problems by being alone. You may think that socializing is tiring and unnecessary. Falling in love requires you to spend a lot of time and energy on someone in the end. However, you may be surprised to know that a study has shown that the happiest introverts are those who push themselves to be extroverts.

Possibility of bad relationships you witness around you

People change, interests change, sometimes people separate from each other. The relationships going on around you have become an experience for you. But falling in love is probably one of the most exciting things a person can do. Besides, you know that the person you love most in the world won’t stay loyal to you forever in conflicts. Accepting something and accepting change is a great way to help you leave your comfort zone behind and try new things.

You are afraid of losing control

To love is to feel happy sometimes, and sometimes to feel angry, sad or disappointed. Love has the ability to trigger irrational reactions and intense emotions. If you like to take control of yourself, this can seem intimidating. It can also be love’s best asset: if you confront these feelings instead of suppressing them, you can learn who you really are.

The thought of dating is hard to come by

Dating someone can feel like something you should stay away from if you’re shy or afraid of the negative outcome. The fact that many people come together using dating applications is among the other factors that make it difficult. Dating has become a shopping-like activity focused on expanding potential mate choices, rather than returning to the original process that could result in a long-term relationship. This means always looking for the better and getting tired of this process.

Afraid that you will idealize your partner

We all tend to idealize, but some people are afraid to deepen the relationship to find their partner’s bad habits or unpleasant character traits . Expectations that you believe will disappoint you are perhaps one of the traits your partner wants to change. The good news is that, according to research, healthy communication and idealization of both parties can be the first step to a good relationship.

Afraid of losing your identity

It takes a long time to create an identity that you are comfortable with. You probably had to struggle with a lot of insecurities and you had to learn from past mistakes to be where you are now. Frankly, being with someone can also mean that you need to change the things you love most about yourself. Sometimes just that thought can stop you from taking action. As not every change is bad, never give up on yourself.

You don’t like to take risks, your life is good now

Love brings change and being single isn’t all that bad. You’ve worked hard to get a good position at work, you have a solid circle of friends and a nice flat. These are valuable things you can lose if you fall into an irrational spiral of emotions. But the saying goes: If you don’t risk anything, you risk more!

Afraid that others will judge your relationship

It can be difficult to convince other people that you made the right choice. Friends and family have strong opinions because they care about you. What your friends and relatives think can certainly give you a good idea of ​​your relationship, but it shouldn’t replace what you think or feel. After all, you know your partner well enough to make a decision.

Gizem Bozdag

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