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10 household items dangerous for babies

There are many ways to organize your home to make it safer for babies. But first you have to know the hidden dangers to watch out for.

Here are everyday household items that are dangerous for babies.

Electric sockets

Electrical sockets are very dangerous from the moment babies start to crawl. Curious by nature, babies are unaware of the electrical current flowing from the outlet and will try to stick their tightly covered fingers with saliva or the smaller, tiny metal objects they place around them. This action can cause electric shock, second or third degree burns, or worse, death.

To prevent this from happening, you can use plastic socket covers to cover any unused sockets. In addition, you should keep the cables connected to the devices out of reach.

Unfixed cabinets

Cabinets have always attracted the attention of babies. The biggest precaution you will take for your babies who love to play with drawers and climb into cabinets; is to fix your cabinets to the wall and floor.

Wall mounted televisions

Television sets have always posed a risk to children. They can hurt their eyes if they look closely at the TV, and its wires present a great electrical hazard.

Today, most people own flat screen televisions. You think thinner, lighter TVs will be less dangerous, but that’s not true. Because of its thin base, flat screens that are heavier than small children are easier to topple over. If your TV is mounted incorrectly on the wall, it may injure the child if it falls.


You should never leave a baby near water. This is especially true for bathtubs. You should be especially careful with those under the age of five. No matter how mature your child looks or how much they enjoy bathing, never leave them unattended.

Unfortunately, some parents or caregivers are very indifferent when it comes to bath time. They may view bath time as a time to relax for a few minutes or check their phone. Or, they may rely too heavily on fancy bathroom seats. However, no product can replace adult supervision.

Washing machine

For some reason, young children see washing machines as playgrounds. They look like cool stuff that turns their clothes and makes funny noises. That’s why so many kids get inside washing machines thinking it’s going to be a fun time, and many of these cases result in serious injury and, in some cases, death.

It is important to teach children that washing machines are not toys. And never, under any circumstances, should he approach or enter them.

Cleaning products

Children are known to put things in their mouths. Food, not food, it doesn’t matter. If it seems interesting to them, they will try to taste it. This is a natural part of learning and exploring the world, but it can cause them harm.

Therefore, cleaning products are one of the most dangerous household items for babies and children. They are full of powerful chemicals that can be fatal if swallowed. They can also be corrosive or flammable. And some come in containers that are particularly attractive to children, making it difficult to distinguish from juice or other beverages. Make sure you keep your cleaning products high and locked in a place your kids don’t know anything about.


As we said above, babies love to put things in their mouths. Babies love shiny objects and coins are especially attractive to them.

Apart from the obvious choking hazard, coins are also filled with metals that are not good for the digestive system. It goes without saying that coins are one of the dirtiest things we use in our daily life. Keep your baby safe and keep coins out of reach.


Most of the houses are filled with all kinds of medicines. This could be something over the counter like a regular pain reliever or a prescription medicine for any disease. That’s why it’s easy for curious children to overdose on potent drugs. And given the small stature and undeveloped digestive system of a child, it is easier to overdose.

It is not enough to store medicines in a medicine cabinet, you should keep them in a locked box out of reach of children.


Every year, thousands of people die from falling down stairs alone. Most deaths are due to brain and head injuries sustained after a fall. Stairs are especially dangerous for babies and young children because they do not yet have full control of their legs. Some are still in their infancy/exploration stage, some are just learning to walk, and those who can walk are not professionals yet.

It is important to close stairways and use baby locks. It’s nearly impossible for a baby to unlock and fall, which means you can spend less time worrying about your baby and more time petting them.


Shutters may seem like a harmless household item, but they are actually one of the deadliest, as a child will be in danger of choking on the strings on the blinds. . Every year, thousands of children are taken to emergency rooms because of the danger of choking on the rope, and some of these children unfortunately do not survive.

Since sunshades are found in almost every modern home, you may feel desperate to keep your child safe. Basically, you can buy an apparatus that wraps the unused, hanging part of the cable. Or you can cut the strings completely, you may think that the curtains are not useful that way, but at least you will have peace of mind and your child will be safe.

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