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5 ways to teach a child a culture of reading

According to experts, the habit of reading books at a young age contributes to the ability of children to understand, comprehend and express their understanding more quickly in the future. Today, with the development of technology, tablets, phones and game consoles, which are the focus of attention of children, throw the child’s reading habit into the background. In this context , “Why is my child not reading a book?” with “Why can’t he play the piano?” Expressing that saying is the same thing, Educational Consultant Murat Karcıoğlu emphasizes that the formation of a culture of reading is a condition that develops as a result of long habits and exercises as the child grows and matures in the womb.

Don’t put pajamas on books

Reading books is one of the top educational and instructive activities for all age groups, but parents should be an example to help children gain the habit of reading books. needs. It is necessary to take the book out of the journey to sleep and spread it throughout the day. In this context, Karcıoğlu underlined that there is no harm in reading a book to a young child when they go to sleep, and that a book read before bedtime can have different results in adult children, : “In such cases, the child sees the book only as an action done before going to bed, and lulls the book in his mind. . Any reading action taken earlier in the day will make the child sleepy. He stated that the books that the child reads and finds fascinating, can cause a decrease in sleep quality by suppressing the secretion of the ‘melatonin’ hormone, known as the sleep stimulant, which is secreted in the dark when read before going to bed at night.

Turn your bookshelf from being a home decor

Turn your home into a library. Let it stay messy. Kids love mess. Worse than a house without books is a house full of books without readers. The book should be everywhere in the house. Shelves with magazines or newspapers that you will use in areas of the house such as the bathroom or kitchen, and the books on the coffee table create small and large details that will increase the child’s interest in reading.

You made sand castles, but did you make castles from books?

Play is one of the most basic needs of the child. Therefore, the importance of games and toys for children is undeniable. Instead of buying expensive toys for the child, make the books that will allow the child to explore both himself and the outside world as his most valuable toys in the play basket. Visit bookstores as well as toy stores in shopping malls. Perhaps a book you cross paths with at the bookstore will be your child’s best playmate.

Get rid of the misconception that “every book should have a message”

Parents often “Every book should have a message.” , he is selective when buying books for his children, but this point of view is not the right way to get the child into the habit of reading. That’s why the library should include books with stories that can be read in every field such as literary, adventure, science fiction, because each child’s imagination and interests are different. For this reason, children’s reading of books about stories in their favorite areas strengthens the habit of reading books with a sense of curiosity and develops their imagination.

Do not use the book as a tool for homework or punishment

Reading is a pleasure that a child should spread throughout his life. Making reading a book compulsory as a homework or punishment tool causes the child to read the book under stress, to have a negative attitude towards the book, and to end the reading habit before it starts.

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