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Attention: The risk of disease increases as the maternal age is delayed!

According to TUIK data, the average age of mothers who gave birth in Turkey was announced as 29.1. Stating that the postponement of motherhood is harmful to women in many ways, Op. Dr. Özlem Özyılmaz explained. “For a woman, being a mother is the most basic indicator of a healthy life cycle. Interfering with this natural cycle increases the risk of diseases such as infertility, uterine cancer, breast cancer!”

According to the data announced by the Turkish Statistical Institute (TUIK), while the average age of births was 26 for those who became mothers in 2001, the average age of becoming a mother was 29.1 in 2021 data. Again, according to the 2021 data, the youngest mother at birth was in Istanbul with an average age of 28. Stating that over the years, women gave priority to their career lives and improved themselves in terms of education, Op. Dr. Özlem Özyılmaz stated that the probability of cancer in women also increased.

to be a mother


Expressing that women are not only getting married as mothers, but also the age of marriage is advancing and being postponed all the time, Op. Dr. Özlem Özyılmaz said, “While ovarian quality and reserve have been damaged by the harmful chemicals consumed over the years, being a mother at an advanced age has also been added to this situation. For these reasons, the orientation towards vaccination and in vitro fertilization, which are assisted reproductive techniques, has increased. The female population with an increasing education level is also known as infertile. When they were included in the infertile patient group, there was a decrease in the number of children,” he said.

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Özyılmaz continues his words. “Breastfeeding is one of the most important cases that reduce the risk of breast cancer. Therefore, being a late mother or having never given birth greatly increases the risk of breast cancer and ovarian cancer for women,” said Op. Dr. Özlem Özyılmaz, “Research has shown that breastfeeding is not only for children, but also for children. She states that it has great benefits for the mother and society as well.Breastfeeding not only provides the child with the highest level of development, but also provides protection against chronic diseases such as diabetes, cancer, cardiovascular diseases, acute diseases and infections.For mothers, breastfeeding provides a reduction in bleeding during the puerperal period, breast cancer and ovarian cancer. It helps reduce the risk of cancer.”made the statement.

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Kiss. Dr. Ozlem Ozyilmaz “Cancer causes thousands of people to turn a blind eye to life and experience psychological and financial collapses every year. According to statistics, one of the most common types of cancer in Turkey is uterine cancer. One of the reasons for the formation of uterine cancer is to have never given birth. On the other hand, giving birth late or having never given birth is closely related not only to uterine cancer but also to other types of cancer.made the statement.

ovarian cancer


Özyılmaz explained that not giving birth at all or giving birth less than a woman poses a great risk for ovarian cancer. “If a woman has been exposed to high doses of hormones during assisted reproductive techniques such as vaccination and in vitro fertilization, her risk of ovarian and breast cancer is high. If a woman has never given birth or given a small birth, the risk of uterine cancer is high. Lung cancer is the most common cancer among the most common cancers. The risk of developing lung cancers in women who have given birth to children is reduced by 50 percent compared to those who do not have children. This protective effect is even more pronounced in non-smokers. However, it has been observed that the risk of having given birth in bladder cancers decreases by 25 percent. There is a risk reduction of -40%. It is reported that the risk in liver and pancreatic cancers similarly decreases with birth.”used the phrases.

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