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Attention to urinary tract infection in children! Urinary incontinence can be a symptom of…

Stating that urinary tract infection is a common type of infection especially in young girls, Pediatric Health and Diseases Specialist Dr. Fikret İşbilir said, “Children can easily catch this disease due to diarrhea, diaper use, diaper rash, etc. Since they cannot express themselves, the disease may progress and damage the kidneys if the disease is not noticed and a doctor is not consulted.”

Under normal conditions, there is no bacteria, fungus or virus in the urine. However, urinary tract infection occurs when microbes enter the urinary tract for any reason.


Stating that most of the urinary tract infections are caused by the “Escherichia coli” bacteria in the digestive system, Pediatric Health and Diseases Specialist Dr. Fikret İşbilir states that children can easily catch this disease due to diarrhea, diaper use, diaper rash, etc. Since they cannot express themselves, the disease can progress and damage the kidneys if it is not noticed.

Dr. According to Isbilir’s statements, recurrent diaper rash is one of the indicators of urinary tract infections. Tight and unbranded diapers also predispose to yeast infections and urinary tract infections.


Urinary tract infection, an infection caused by bacteria that affects the urinary tract. Dr. Fikret İşbilir states that this type of infection is more common especially in young girls.

Urinary tract infections are examined under 3 different headings according to the region they affect.
• Urethritis: Infection of the tube that carries urine from the bladder to the body
• Cystitis: Infection in the bladder
• Pyelonephritis: It usually occurs in advanced stages, expresses kidney infection


Dr. Isbilir says that urinary incontinence may be one of the symptoms of urinary tract infection and gives the following information about urinary tract infection in children:

“Urinary tract infection causes enough symptoms to suspect the disease when you observe your child carefully. Common symptoms are frequent urination, crying while urinating, urinary incontinence, cloudy color and foul-smelling urine, urinating in small amounts despite feeling stuck, fever, weakness, nausea and vomiting. If one or more of the symptoms are present in your child, it is necessary to apply to a pediatrician who is an expert in the field, in order to provide early diagnosis and treatment.”


Dr. Isbilir lists some of the measures that can be taken to prevent urinary tract infections as follows:

  • Children should be encouraged to go to the toilet frequently.
  • Children should be kept in a hygienic environment,
  • Children should drink plenty of water,
  • Children’s genital area hygiene should be paid attention and children should be taught hygiene measures,
  • After children go to the toilet, their bottoms should be wiped from front to back,
  • Cotton products should be preferred for children’s underwear.

If the symptoms caused by the infection are mild, physicians may recommend that parents help clear the urinary tract simply by making their child drink plenty of water. But if symptoms are severe or if the infection is recurring, doctors usually recommend antibiotic treatment. In this treatment, it is important to choose the appropriate antibiotic and take it in the right dose. For the health of your child, the use of over-the-counter drugs should definitely be avoided, when a symptom is observed, a doctor should be consulted as soon as possible, his recommendations should be taken into account, and the disease should be treated before it progresses.

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