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Black cumin that increases breast milk!

If you want to get rid of your edema and increase breast milk for a healthy weight loss process, you can use black cumin.

Black cumin provides benefits in many ways, thanks to the beneficial fatty acids it contains. It has effects such as strengthening the immune system, increasing breast milk and helping to weaken.

In the slimming process, black cumin supports in three ways. First, it reduces the feeling of hunger by providing a feeling of fullness for a long time. Secondly, it supports fat burning by accelerating the metabolism. And thirdly, it helps to remove the edema accumulated in the body.

Breastfeeding mothers can consume black cumin and it is not expected to cause gas problems. While it is recommended to limit foods with a high gas-forming effect during breastfeeding, it is known that black cumin consumption does not cause gas problems. Cumin tea can also be preferred to increase breast milk during breastfeeding.

Black seed oil should not be used

However, it is not recommended to use black seed oil during pregnancy and lactation.

May cause harmful effects in people with kidney and liver disease.

Therefore, the use of black seed oil should be avoided.

Black seed oil should not be used during breastfeeding and pregnancy.

A tea recipe that increases breast milk and helps to lose weight:


  • 1 glass of water
  • 1 teaspoon of nutmeg
  • 1 teaspoon ginger
  • 1 thin slice of lemon

Preparation: Water is boiled and black cumin seeds are added into it. Let it brew for 2 minutes. Then ginger and lemon are added to make the tea ready. While this tea supports the slimming process, it also strengthens the immune system. You can consume it in the evening about two hours before going to sleep. You can try drinking it regularly for 7 days.

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