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Blue light causes memory disorders in children

Yeditepe University Koşuyolu Hospital Neurology Specialist Assoc. Dr. Burcu Örmeci said that the most important point at this point is the duration and time of exposure. Assoc. Dr. Örmeci, “The problem is not with the blue light being blue, but with our exposure to blue light at night. Normally, we should not be exposed to light at night, or the light we are exposed to should be softer, in yellow tones, but still, it should not be too long. Blue “When we are exposed to light at night, our body clock and sleep balance are disturbed. Confusion occurs in the hormone melatonin and it starts not to be synthesized. This affects both the quality, duration and depth of our sleep.”

Sleep quality affects all systems

All systems of our body are regulated during sleep. Therefore, when you don’t get enough sleep, there is incompatibility between the systems. This situation causes hormonal problems, blood pressure, sugar, stomach intestines. diseases, joint, muscle, vascular disorders, can trigger many problems.Therefore, quality and adequate sleep is very important. I.

There is a fact that we know very clearly that memory enhancement and memory occur during sleep. In other words, the information that the child learns all day is only converted into protein synthesis in the brain during sleep and placed. When exposed to blue light at night, children as well as adults will have disturbed sleep. No child who cannot sleep well, no matter how hard they work, will not be able to permanently implant the information they receive during the day into their brain. The biggest difference between a child who grew up with long-term exposure to blue light and a child who grew up without exposure to blue light occurs in memory. Children exposed to blue light have very poor memory.

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