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Can a breastfeeding mother consume cheese? What are the benefits of cheese for breastfeeding mother and baby?

Experts about cheese, which is one of the most powerful calcium-containing foods, explained that its effects especially during puerperium are completely different. In order to enrich the breast milk, which is the most important source during infancy, the mother should pay attention to the nutrients that she should consume during puerperium. Can a breastfeeding mother consume cheese? What are the benefits of cheese for breastfeeding mother and baby?

The expectant mother should pay attention to the foods she consumes during the puerperium, which is very important for the development of babies. Because in the formation of breast milk, the body benefits from the vitamins in the mother. In this way, there are supplements that the baby should take through milk. Calcium is the most important vitamin during breastfeeding. Therefore, the mother should not be deficient in calcium, protein and magnesium vitamins. This deficiency can negatively affect the development of the baby. However, for this reason, it is beneficial for expectant mothers to prefer cheese that contains calcium and does not cause weight gain, instead of consuming every food. Cheese, which is highly beneficial for the bone and muscle development of babies, also tolerates the health problems experienced by the mother during pregnancy.

breastfeeding mother should pay attention to her nutrition


A woman should be more careful than ever before, since she is a mother-to-be. Because with an unconscious diet, both their own health and the health of the baby can be endangered at this point. The human body provides continuous development from the moment it falls into the womb. In this development, the food consumed by the mother is very important. However, expectant mothers should both eat healthy and pay attention to their own weight ratios. The healthiest solution for this is nutrition under expert control. It is also exercise in addition to nutrition. Short walks and movements protect health. It is beneficial for the mother to take plenty of calcium during pregnancy and breastfeeding. Calcium not only supports the regeneration and development of bones, but also organs. Experts underlined that the most beneficial food for calcium is cheese.

Cheese contains a high amount of calcium in its content


  • Cheese, which contains a strong vitamin B2 complex, especially affects bone mass. While it ensures that the baby has healthy bones in the future, it also creates a healthy basis for the regeneration of the mother whose bones are damaged during pregnancy and birth.
  • Since it goes through the fermentation process, it contains antioxidant-rich substances. These substances prevent viruses or bacteria in the mother-to-be from harming the babies.
  • It strengthens the nervous system and transmits the commands from the brain to the body in a healthier way. Thus, it prevents the expectant mother from experiencing mental problems such as stress or depression during puerperium. This effect is also positive for the baby. It also reduces the fussiness problems in the baby.
  • Since it contains protein and vitamins, it supports the strengthening of immunity of both the mother and the baby, making them more resistant to diseases.
  • It makes the digestive and metabolism systems work. Cheese, which makes it easier for the mother to lose weight, prevents the babies from facing problems such as diarrhea frequently.

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