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Coloring activity for kids

The hectic pace of life allows you to spend less time with your child than you would like. In order for your child’s emotional, cognitive and social development to progress in a healthy way, the quality of the time you spend with your child is of great importance. Pedagogues underline that especially for the emotional development of children, parents should make room in their homes for activities where they can get to know their children’s spiritual world closely, share and work together. Talking to your child, going to the theater or playing games provides a fun time to share, but you may not be able to achieve the intensity you want. Painting activities that feed your child’s imagination and reveal their creativity can contribute to your child’s development more than you think.

If you think that coloring activity is limited to coloring books and drawing books only, you are wrong. Here Bag allows your children to reflect their inner world with colorful paints on different objects such as paintable cloth bags, t-shirts and cloth pencil holders. Moreover, at the end of the activity, it also allows them to enjoy using the work you have created together.

Fun way to develop motor skills

In order for your child to develop motor skills; It is of great importance to exercise the finger muscles with movements such as grasping, holding and applying. Finger paints, which are water-based and do not contain ammonia and other harmful components, can be used easily from 6 months of age. From the age of 2, your child, who gradually begins to hold pencils, can provide more careful work together by giving felt or embossed textile pens.

The patternless products in the Here Bag collection offer a free working environment for children who are just starting their new painting activities. Patterned products with different difficulty levels are an ideal alternative for children whose motor skills have developed a little. Products such as bags, t-shirts and pencil holders with fun drawings that attract children’s attention help them focus and finalize the process. While the unpatterned paintable products offer a borderless painting area to children who have not yet achieved the ability to paint without overflowing, they also encourage children with advanced motor skills to do challenging works that reflect their imaginations and tastes. At more advanced levels, your children can make original works on unpatterned products, and enjoy using products that are the work of their own efforts and imaginations in their lives. If they wish, they can take out their own stencils and transfer them onto paintable products, prepare their own printing accessories by making stencils or evaluate other creative applications.

Activity that supports their cognitive, emotional and social development

Painting activities are a fun way to improve children’s cognitive abilities by enabling their right and left brains to work in coordination. Coloring also helps children learn colors, objects and shapes in an enjoyable way. During the activity, children acquire skills to identify objects. Children who gain more creative thinking discipline during the activity free their imaginations.

A painting activity, in which every member of the family works together, improves the social skills of the child, helps him acquire the skill of working as a team, and learn to share. The emotional intelligence of the child, who feels supported, cared and loved during the activity, also develops.

Coloring makes it easier for the child to focus their attention on something. Each completed project gives your child a sense of accomplishment and strengthens their self-confidence. On the other hand, as the questions you ask about the colors he prefers and the shapes he draws help you to know your child’s character better and to observe the emotions he feels, the bond between you gets stronger.

Projects embodying their efforts

Your child’s work on a picture book, paper or coloring book may disappear. However, his work on a shoulder strap cloth bag to be used in shopping allows him to see that his labor is valued. He can experience the emotional satisfaction of sharing by gifting the patterned drawstring backpack type he has carefully painted to his best friend. The fact that he has his own effort in the t-shirt he will wear while going to the playgroup, and that he carefully paints the cloth pen holder decorated with the patterns he likes, makes it easy for him to observe that the effort he puts into lays the groundwork for concrete achievements that make a difference in his life.

If you want to spend time with your children to the fullest, learn while having fun and strengthen the bond between you, you can choose from the painting sets of Here Bag and get a great hobby to do with your child.

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