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Do babies eat cabbage? At what month should babies be given cabbage? Benefits of cabbage for babies

Experts recommending that babies be fed with breast milk especially for the first six months, as well as additional supplements for babies after 6 months. One of the things that mothers are most curious about is which foods are among these additional supplements. Does cabbage, which contains high levels of vitamins and minerals, benefit babies? Do babies eat cabbage? At what month should babies be given cabbage?

Cabbage, which is one of the strongest fiber sources in nature, keeps the digestive system working in a healthy way. So it benefits not only children or adults but also babies. Especially after 6 months, experts recommend giving it together with breast milk or to babies whose breast milk is discontinued. Cabbage, which contains antibacterial substances, thus contributes to the development of babies. Pickled and cooked cabbage provides a very strong probiotic effect during the winter months.

babies can be given cabbage


Babies can easily consume cabbage for puree or soup. Cabbage can be given to babies after an average of 6 months. When rice is boiled and mashed together with potatoes and carrots, a strong vitamin store is formed. After 6 months, it can be given to babies as an additional supplement despite still receiving breast milk. It also becomes a complementary food for babies who are completely weaned.

Cabbage supports bone development for babies


  • It supports the digestive systems of developing babies and prepares the ground for healthier functioning. It also balances the bacteria in the intestines of babies who are weaker against diseases. It prevents problems such as constipation or excessive diarrhea.
  • In a study, cabbage balances the cholesterol level in the blood. Cholesterol is an inborn problem in the human body. Varies based on diet. When bad cholesterol increases, stress and moodiness increase in babies. However, cabbage has glucosinolate, a very potent sulfur-containing compound. This substance lowers the level of bad cholesterol.
  • The most important process in babies is the immune system. Cabbage is a very useful food in renewing the immune system. Studies have shown that cabbage consumed in infancy increases the immune system’s vitamins and minerals.
  • The biggest benefit of cabbage is vitamin C. It contributes to the development of muscles and bones. This prevents the occurrence of diseases in the bone and muscle systems of babies in advanced ages.

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