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Do babies have spring allergies? What to do with a baby with spring allergies?

As we enter the summer, allergic reactions in babies draw attention of parents. The main cause of spring allergies are flowers and their pollen. Warning for children exposed to this situation, experts warned of diseases that may remain on babies. Do babies have spring allergies? What to do with a baby with spring allergies?

In these months from winter to summer, plants begin to secrete pollen in order to maintain their own continuity. While these pollens fly and act as seeds, they can cause humanity to suffer from spring allergies. While waiting for the doctor’s turn with allergies and asthma, which are seen in adults, pollen can cause allergic reactions in babies in the same way. Experts warned that it can invite permanent diseases that may occur in the future for babies that cannot be treated. It is recommended to go to the doctor as soon as you see symptoms such as wheezing, runny nose, runny eyes, cough, itching, shortness of breath in babies with an allergic body.

spring allergy in babies


Specialist doctors, who recommended that special attention be paid to babies with allergic reactions, warned parents against upper respiratory tract diseases in the spring months so that babies do not see serious levels and do not get asthma in later ages. He stated that babies should be taken out carefully in these weathers and they should be kept away from damp and humid environments as they enter the summer months. In addition, it was explained that any symptom that may occur in children against upper respiratory tract diseases, which can also be transmitted through a genetic transmission, should be shown to the doctor immediately.

spring allergy in babies


  • Individual with a family history of allergy
  • Sneezing spells
  • Runny nose and aging in eyes
  • Itchy eyes
  • Constant moodiness and weakness
  • Sleep disturbance
  • Baby’s constant scratching of his nose
  • Swelling and bluish coloration of the under eyes
  • Nasal congestion

spring allergy in babies


First of all, an appointment should be made with a pediatric pulmonologist, and allergy tests should be performed and the chest should be rested without wasting time. However, while it varies according to the geography of the house, morning and noon hours are the intervals when pollen is very high, you should try not to be outside in this time zone. You can also wait for a later hour to go out on dry and windy days. And if you need to go out, lay down the protective transparent cover of the stroller. Keep baby away from freshly mown grass. Try to dress the child in long sleeves, according to your estimation, in places where there is a lot of pollen. Change the clothes you wear between home and outside. If you can take a shower before going to bed, don’t mind, otherwise wipe it all over and clean it against the pollen circus. Eat a balanced and well-balanced diet so that all the vitamins and minerals that the baby needs, and all the needs for the immune system, can be met through breast milk. Take the medicines given by the doctor regularly.

If you apply Vaseline around the eyes and forehead or chin of the baby before going out, the incoming pollen will stick to the vaseline and its entry into the body will be stopped.

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