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Do not offend your child

We know that physical violence comes to mind first when violence is mentioned. According to recent studies, whether adults or children, which has traumatic effects on children, psychological violence has a greater impact on our body and soul than physical violence. Emphasizing that parents should be more careful about this issue in order to raise a healthy individual, Psychologist Müjde Yahşi warned your child not to be restrictive in the emotional field.

Don’t be the cause of bad scars in the world of emotions

Specialist Clinical Psychologist Müjde Yahşi, “Maybe come to mind when violence is mentioned. Attacking, hitting, pushing, kicking, biting, shaking, spanking, pinching, pulling hair, that is, all kinds of physical harm are physical violence. Also, behavior and personality disorders that target emotions and mental health are all forms of violence. There is a type of violence that causes psychopathological effects on the person, which is as damaging as physical violence but not as visible as physical violence, which is psychological violence. humiliation, belittlement, oppression, punishment, comparison, labeling, that is, all actions that leave a trace in the emotional world are psychological violence”

The child who is offended by the parent turns off his feelings

Expressing that embarrassment is a form of punishment and targets the feelings of the interlocutor, that is, it is a silent psychological violence, Müjde Yahşi, “Actually, maybe by getting offended We want him to ‘understand me’, but with this method, the ‘ability to understand the feelings of the other person’, which we call ’empathy’ on both sides, does not come into play. Resentment weakens the relationship, the problem grows, trust is shaken, it alienates spouses from each other, and causes negative feelings to accumulate. However, as feelings are expressed, problems can be solved and the bond of love becomes stronger. The method you will apply should not be offended, on the contrary, it should be to convey your feelings by communicating. Especially if you are offended by the child, this is much more harmful because the child is offended by the parent; He turns off his feelings, starts to show behavioral problems, accumulates a sense of anger, loses his sense of trust, sense of belonging and self-perception, becomes lonely, dives into the virtual world, makes wrong friendships and may face many other problems. The family who thinks that the child will learn from the incident by being offended by the child; on the contrary, he should communicate with his child by revealing his child’s feelings, guide him, solve the problem together and set the right example. In the future, if you don’t want to have a child who gets offended with you and your surroundings, closes himself off from communication, and seeks a solution in his marriage by being offended by his wife, do not be offended by your child” .

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