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ear infection in children

There are many factors that we can take precautions against ear infection that develops due to external factors in children whose immune systems are not yet developed. Emphasizing that these infections, which develop as well as genetic factors, can disappear, Ear, Nose, Throat Diseases Specialist Assist. Assoc. Dr. Denizhan Dizdar warned parents to raise awareness.

Early cessation of breast milk

Breast milk contains factors, especially Immunoglobulin E, which protects the baby from many diseases, especially in the first six months. . It is very important for the baby to be fed with breast milk for as long as possible, at least for 6 months, in terms of resistance to infections at the beginning of his life.

Using a bottle

While breastfeeding from the mother, the eustachian tube is opened by the baby’s sucking action and the middle ear pressure is regulated. However, in feeding with a bottle, the effect is not the same because the tip of the bottle is different from the nipple. Emphasizing that reflux is very common in babies fed in a horizontal position, Dr. Dizdar, warned families by saying, “Stomach acid escaping to the nasal region irritates the Eustachian region, increasing the possibility of both throat and middle ear infections” .

Start of kindergarten at an early age

Kindergartens are crowded environments, children who start nursery suddenly encounter many disease factors.

Smoking at home

Cigarette smoke can cause chronic irritation in the throat and nasal region when inhaled from the mouth or nose. and thus cause infections.Research shows that the same situation develops in second-hand smoke.Even if the child does not smoke near, being in a smoking environment or even a little bit into the smoke. exposure increases the chance of infection.

Having large adenoids

Suggesting surgery to children with adenoid problems after 4 years of age, Dr. Dizdar, “The large adenoids prevent the Eustachian tube from working properly, disrupt the pressure balance of the middle ear cavity and cause fluid accumulation in the middle ear. The adenoid should definitely be evaluated in children with frequent ear infections and fluid accumulation in the middle ear. It is recommended to take adenoid meat from the age of four in these children.” said

Having an allergic body

Allergic Both nasal congestion due to the enlargement of the turbinates and eustachian dysfunction due to the large adenoids cause frequent middle ear infections in children with this structure. From the age of four, medical treatment for allergies can also be applied

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