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Educational support for children at TEGV Istanbul Half Marathon

The Education Volunteers Foundation of Turkey (TEGV), which has ensured that nearly 3 million children meet with quality education with its 27 years of work, collected donations to meet the qualified education support of 1,210 children with the Istanbul Half Marathon, which it participated in on March 27.

Educational Volunteers Foundation of Turkey (TEGV), the most widespread non-governmental organization operating in the field of education in Turkey, was held on 27 March. He took steps to support children’s education with the “Let a Child Change, Turkey Develop” campaign in the Istanbul Half Marathon. TEGV, which continues its activities without slowing down so that children can benefit from modern education opportunities and receive quality education support, started the campaign on 14 March and ended on 11 April.

In the Istanbul Half Marathon leg of the campaign, which was started to meet the one-year education support of 6,500 children, TEGV set out to provide one-year qualified education support to 1,000 children. TEGV, which exceeded its goal, participated in the marathon with 95 runners; 1,087 donors supported the campaign and 1,210 children received educational support. With the donations collected in the campaign, children will have the opportunity to meet with many activities from coding to design and skill workshops, from science to English.

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