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Explain the coronavirus to children

Noting that the first step is correct information, Child and Adolescent Mental Health Specialist. Dr. Önder Küçük said that children should be informed in a language they can understand and warned.

Use an appropriate language

It is important to access the right information from the right information source. There is a lot of information published by the Ministry on this subject. At the same time, there is information published by the World Health Organization. The epidemic is related to this virus, it can cause some diseases, may show some symptoms, may cause problems such as respiratory difficulty such as respiratory cough, but at the same time, the effects of the disease in children are not as intense as in the elderly, it can be very mild, but in some sensitive people, in people who are older and sick. It should be said that it can cause serious problems in people.

Ways to be protected from this should also be taught. The first step, of course, is hygiene. Regular washing of hands, observing daily social distance rules. The second basic and important step is that if there is a problem with this in the family, when someone is infected with the coronavirus, it is necessary to inform accordingly. Children should not be told things that are not true. It is not appropriate to not inform about this virus in a way that will frighten too much, on the contrary, it is not appropriate to talk about it as something that will not cause any problems. It should be explained in an appropriate language.

Establish a daily routine

The children have been at home for about 1.5 months. It looks like they will stay at home for a while. It is very important that they do exercise when they get up in the morning and then have breakfast, attend online trainings about him according to the age and class he is in, fulfill these routines, do his hobbies if he has hobbies, participate in family activities, and parents give some responsibilities to the child in this regard. Because at this level, children who stay at home for such a long time and remain inactive may have problems with distraction. There may be unrest in the home. The way to deal with this is to approach the child appropriately, communicate appropriately and appropriately activities, a daily flow, and a daily routine.

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