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Fabric softeners trigger eczema in children

Medical Park Trabzon Yıldızlı Hospital Pediatric Immunology and Allergy Specialist Assoc. Dr. Ayhan Söğüt stated that this ailment experienced in children can be caused by chemical-containing laundry bleaches and softeners.

Stating that eczema increases in summer and it is a recurrent disease, Assoc. Dr. Willow, “Atopic dermatitis is one of the most common allergic diseases in children. Eczema wounds are found on the cheeks, trunk, arms and outer surfaces of the legs during infancy, and especially in the arms and legs in older children. Redness, itching and skin rash on the neck. It shows itself in the form of dryness. It has a repetitive feature” , he said.

The type of clothing is important

Do not wear coarse fabrics, synthetic fabrics that will cause sweating. Keep away from plush and dyed toys. Wash your children’s clothes as recommended by the expert. Avoid powder detergents, bleach and fabric softener. Prefer perfume-free detergents for sensitive skin that do not leave any residue. Before washing your new clothes

From allergenic foods keep away

Food allergies are also an important consideration that can lead to eczema. It is useful to pay attention to milk, eggs, fish, wheat, nuts, soy, lentils and sesame foods. Be sensitive to respiratory allergens such as house dust, pollen, molds, cat and dog hair.

Anti-allergic products can be used

Hot and humid weather, sweating of the patient may also increase complaints in eczema. For this reason, it is necessary to take a daily warm bath in the summer, to moisturize the whole body after the bath, to take measures to reduce sweating, and to keep the child away from hot environments. It is important to use anti-allergic bath products for a child with eczema. Eczema can progress with periods of exacerbation and normal periods in which the symptoms on the skin increase. During exacerbations, the child’s complaints are relieved with various allergy creams and moisturizers. In normal periods, some creams can be used as a preservative.

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