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How are candles explained to children? How to explain religious days to preschool children?

Miraç Kandili, one of the blessed nights that comes with the start of the three months, will be performed on Friday, February 17th. Preschool children may not know what oil lamp days are, which are generally known by adults. For this reason, as parents, you should tell your children the importance of religious days such as holidays. So, how are religious days explained to preschool children?

Oil lamp days, which mark important days and events in Islam, mean supererogatory worship and abundant rewards for millions of Muslims. As we enter the three months, it is known as the first Friday night of the month of Recep among the oil lamp days it contains. Regaib KandiliThe night when our Prophet (PBUH) ascended to ascension and 5 daily prayers were deemed obligatory. Mirac LampIt is known as the night of acquittal (purification) from sins and according to rumors, the 1 year destiny of people is written and given to angels. Berat Candleand the night the Quran was revealed night of power has. Blessed nights performed by adults in line with awareness may not be understood by children. Especially pre-school children should be given basic religious information and the importance of blessed nights should be explained.

how to explain candles to children

This will enable your children to better understand Islam and the events that took place during the time of the Prophets. On the other hand, with this attitude of yours, your children will be directed to more research that will reinforce their sense of curiosity. With the approach of Miraç Kandil, Muslim parents, “How to explain lamps to children?” explores the question. In this article, we discussed how to explain religious days to children.

how to explain religious days to children


If you want your children to live Islam in a good and sound manner, follow Islam according to their age and capacity, -especially the Qur’an- You should tell from the right sources. Knowing the importance of religious days (holidays, oil lamps) that concern millions of Muslims every year will be the basis for your children’s knowledge of Islam. If you do not know how to explain religious days to your child, you can first organize fun and informative activities for them. The actions and words spoken as a child will remain in the memory better and form the cornerstones of character, behavior and belief for later years.

In addition, it is very important that you do not put pressure on your children while explaining Islam. Your patient and calm demeanor will make your children love the religion of Islam.

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