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How are children motivated for school? Here are ways to motivate kids to school

After a 15-day break, children studying in pre-school, primary and secondary education return to their school desks as of 6 February. Parents are looking for ways to motivate their children to school, even if it’s not for a long time. As the second semester of 2022-2023 education and training begins, we have compiled ways to motivate your children to school. So how are children motivated to school?

With the effect of the pandemic that swept the world in the past years, the distance education system was activated in schools. Afterwards, although face-to-face trainings were gradually started by the Ministry of National Education, the distance between the children’s school caused them to be negatively affected as motivation, and it took some time for them to refocus. Now the semester break, which is the opportunity for children to get out of the busy curriculum and relax, is over. The children, who stay away from the school desks, even if a little, for the 2nd semester of the 2022-2023 academic year, together with the students and their parents, got a flurry. While bags and school uniforms are getting ready for a new term, parents are looking for ways to motivate their children to school after a 15-day break. So what are the ways to motivate children to school? Here are ways to motivate children to school.

Ways to motivate kids to school


  • Do not compare with others;

The feeling of comfort and laziness seen in children after the holiday is very normal. The greatest duty of parents in this regard is to show patience and understanding. The most important and positive attitude you will show at this stage will be that you do not compare children with others first so that they can be motivated again after the holiday.

Also, your children from the first week “Study”You should also encourage them to play games and do their hobbies without getting bored with suggestions.

hand it over to your teacher and leave school

  • Hand over to your teacher and leave school;

One of the mistakes many parents make is to wait with their children in the classroom or in the school hallway on the first day of school. This situation is unfortunately; especially discouraging children starting preschool or 1st grade. It is a factor that makes it difficult for them to get used to their school, which is foreign to them and a place to be discovered. For this reason, you should first inform your children about the school environment and lessons, show that you trust their teacher and leave the school. However, if your child insists that you come to school, you should tell him that everyone has a duty and his duty is to go to school.

add fun activities to your life

  • Add fun activities to your life;

You should not see your children as robots. You should also direct them to activities that provide personal development according to their age without overwhelming them with the lesson. First of all, you need to enable him to improve his communication with people.

attention to the child in adolescence


Especially the children who are preparing for the exam have more troubled holidays. Because for them, a break means taking lots of tests for the upcoming exam! Therefore, children in this period are more tense and stressed. Parents have difficulties in communicating with their children, especially in adolescence. This makes parents think that their sharing with their children has decreased. Children, on the other hand, complain that their parents constantly pressure them to study.

There is a way to resolve this communication gap between adolescents and their parents. Experts recommend cooperating with your children in this situation.

empathize with your children


In addition, your child will be motivated for the new school term with your empathy technique.

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