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How can children get used to school quickly in the new education period? Adaptation process in children

With the opening of schools, it may not be easy for children who start the new education period to get used to this new process. Children who get used to the holiday period may experience some difficulties in the transition period with the opening of schools. exp. Psychologist-theologian Elif Zahide Gök told Yasemin.com how children can adapt to school quickly and how the adaptation process works in children.


After a three-month summer vacation, the bell rang for the students. It can be difficult and slow for children, who will start an intense hustle and bustle after the holiday period, to get used to this new period. It is also very important how parents should treat their children during the adaptation period to school, which is a very difficult process for parents. There are many different ways to overcome this difficult and painful process. In this process, especially parents and children who get help from experts can easily overcome the situation.

How quickly do children adapt to school?

So how can children get used to school quickly in the new education period? What is the adaptation process like in children? exp. Psychologist-theologian Elif Zahide Gök answered the questions specifically asked of Yasemin.com readers.

1976, Ankara Born in Specialist Psychologist-theologian Elif Zahide Gok, Marmara UniversityAfter receiving theology education in . Behavioral sciencesreceived language training. “Communication Skills and Empathy”The expert psychotherapist, who completed his master’s degree in psychology with his thesis at the same university, with the insistence and encouragement of his teachers at the university. Dogus UniversityHe started his professional life by completing his Clinical Psychology education in Istanbul.

Expert Psychologist and theologian Elif Zahide Gök



Expressing that a difficult process has begun for both children and parents, Elif Zahide Gök underlined that each child’s adaptation process to school can work differently, “How do children adapt to school quickly?” He answered the question as follows:

“The basis of a good education is the process of adaptation to school. The first process that children learn about school and learning starts in the nursery period. The perception of the first and second grade from kindergarten time, whether they like school or not, whether they like their teacher or not, is very important. It determines many things. They must have done a lot of work and given a lot of education about children long before they started school. First of all, it is the mother and father to give the message that the child is loved and in a safe environment… A small investment in the child’s self-confidence. A child who feels loved and valued I mean, there are children who are afraid and unable to express themselves when they first start school, in fact, this problem lies at the root of most of them. It is very important that we get it right.”

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