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How do you become a foster family? What are the conditions for being a foster family for earthquake survivors?

The earthquake that occurred in Kahramanmaraş caused great destruction and loss of life in 10 provinces. Unaccompanied babies who were rescued were treated in hospitals in Ankara and Istanbul, while the work under the wreckage continued at full speed. After the developments, many citizens began to investigate the question of how to become a foster family. So how do you become a foster family? What are the conditions for being a foster family for earthquake survivors?

The sad consequences of the earthquake with a magnitude of 7.5 and 7.7, which occurred in Kahramanmaraş on February 6, the first in the morning and the second during the day, made a worldwide impact. Citizens who were pulled out of the rubble in the earthquake, which cost the lives of thousands of citizens, are a beacon of hope for everyone. Especially the good health of the rescued babies and children is heartbreaking. Unaccompanied babies rescued from the rubble the previous day were treated in hospitals in Ankara and Istanbul upon the instruction of President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan. Many citizens started to search for foster family application requirements for babies, whom Emine Erdoğan said they would take care of for the next period. Thereupon, the Ministry of Family and Social Services, which published their contact numbers, announced the conditions of being a foster family. Here are the conditions for being a foster family…

How do you become a foster family?


The Ministry of Family and Social Services made a statement regarding the process to be followed by those who want to be a foster family for children in need of protection and care after the earthquakes. Those who want to be a foster family can apply via e-government or in person to the provincial directorates of family and social services of the province where they reside outside the earthquake zone.

The statement of the Ministry includes the following statements:

“The situations of children who are identified as in need of protection and care in the earthquake area are evaluated meticulously by our professional staff, and their placement with our current and current foster families is continuing. Our prospective foster families who will apply through e-Government or outside the earthquake zone are in the family and social services province of the province where they reside. They can apply to our directorates personally. We thank our citizens for their sensitivity to their demands to be foster families for our children.”

What are the conditions for being a foster family for earthquake survivors?


A foster family is an appropriate family or person who shares the responsibility of education, care and upbringing in their own family environment for a short or long term, in paid or voluntary status, under the supervision of the state, and who can show the social responsibility they feel for children who cannot be cared for for a while due to various reasons.

The purpose of foster family service is to ensure that the child under care and protection goes through the complicated and problematic period without being disturbed and continues his normal life. The foster family, in cooperation with the institution, helps the child by ensuring that they maintain their relationship with their natural family, school and environment.

What is a foster family?


  • He has his own family,
  • Unable to be cared for by his own family for a while,
  • Who has completely lost the chance to be adopted for various reasons,
  • Girl or boy,
  • Healthy or disabled,
  • These are children who are single or sibling and determined by the professional staff to be suitable for placement in a foster family.

Who can be a foster family


Anyone who is married or single can attain the status of a foster mother, father or family if they meet these conditions;

  • If you are a Turkish citizen
  • If you are a permanent resident in Turkey
  • If you are between the ages of 25-65
  • If you are at least a primary school graduate
  • If you have a regular income
  • If you are not the child’s biological parents or guardians

What are the documents required for a foster family application?


  • Certified copy of the document showing the educational status.
  • Certified copy of the document showing employment, income and social security status.
  • criminal record certificate
  • Health board report showing that there is no physical disability, mental illness or contagious disease of the people who will be a foster family and the people they live with, if any.

Frequently asked questions about being a foster family


We have addressed the frequently asked questions about ‘being a foster family’ according to the statements of the Ministry of Family and Social Services.

Can I be a foster parent when I have a child of my own?

Yes, you can be a foster family even if you have children of your own.

How long will the child stay with me?

Depending on the reason for the protection of the child, the envisaged service will vary within the scope of the implementation plan. It can stay with you for many years, or there is a possibility that it will be returned to its biological family after a certain period of time. The child’s best interests are taken into account in the process of returning to his biological family. In practice, it is common that children continue to live with their foster families after they reach the age of majority.

Can I be a foster family for a child from a different province?

You can become a foster family for a child who is under protection and care in a different province through inter-provincial twinning.

What is the difference between adoption and foster family?

Adoption is the transfer of custody rights of a child by court decision. While the foster family shares the responsibility of the child’s care, upbringing and education with the state, the custody of the child remains with the biological family.

For what reasons is foster family service terminated?

  • Failing to fulfill the duties and obligations of the foster family specified in the legislation.
  • Changing the service model that the child will benefit from or removing the protection order.
  • The foster family’s refusal to serve for any reason.

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