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How should a breastfeeding mother be fed? Foods that help increase breast milk!

Pediatrician Dr. Hatice Karaböcüoğlu states that malnutrition of the mother and situations that prevent her from being fed can lead to a decrease in breast milk. So what can we do to increase breast milk? Are there any foods that improve the quality of breast milk? Our answers are at Pudra.com!

The psychology of the mother is effective in the amount of breast milk. A well-sleeping, stress-free mother also produces more milk. But of course, diet also has a big impact. At this point, we can take advantage of auxiliary nutrients to increase breast milk. For example, green leafy vegetables contain phytoestrogens, which help increase breast milk.


Dark green leafy vegetables such as green leafy vegetables, spinach, nettle, kale, dill, lettuce, parsley, arugula purslane contain plenty of vitamins and minerals. It ensures that the mother gets enough calories. These vegetables, which also contain phytoestrogens, support the secretion of milk hormones.
Basil also has plenty of vitamins C and K. It helps to reduce the mother’s stress and increase milk production.


  • Consumption of a tablespoon of tahini molasses every day helps to increase milk production.
  • Fish rich in omega 3 also supports the activation of hormones that increase milk production. The first of these is salmon.
  • Garlic is also one of the important foods for breastfeeding mothers. It strengthens the immune system. It helps the baby to breastfeed for longer periods of time.
  • Apricot is a fibrous fruit that helps to regulate the hormonal changes of mothers during breastfeeding. For this reason, it can be consumed in a balanced way in season or dry.
  • Brown rice is another type of carbohydrate that helps stimulate milk hormones. It is also a good source of energy for the mother.
  • Carrot, which is a phytoestrogen vegetable, also contains plenty of beta carotene and vitamin A.
  • Beetroot, which has blood cleansing properties, can be boiled or used in salads. Beetroot helps improve the quality of breast milk.

Oats help milk move through the milk ducts

Oats have a high iron content. It also regulates blood pressure. This calms the mother. In stressful environments, oxytocin and prolactic hormones, which help to increase breast milk, are suppressed. Foods that reduce stress also enable these hormones to be reactivated. At the same time, oats have an effect that helps milk move through the ducts.

Help increase milk production with quality protein sources

Red meat, goat’s milk, kefir, village eggs, homemade yogurt, hummus, chickpeas, lentils, beans and kidney beans contain plenty of protein. These are also good sources of energy for the breastfeeding mother.

Teas to increase breast milk

Fennel tea, nettle tea, ginger, chamomile tea help increase milk production. Among them, the most recommended tea for mothers is fennel. Fennel phytoestrogen is a plant. It can also be used in meals or fresh in salads. Fennel tea is also passed from mother to baby, helping to prevent digestive problems in the baby.

Rich in iron and magnesium amber tea It also supports the supply of prolactin hormone. It helps to prevent the mother from having gastrointestinal problems.

Another herb that helps the secretion of prolactin and oxytocin hormones is also verbena . This plant, which has stress-reducing effects, also regulates sleep.


Nuts and dried fruits such as dried figs, walnuts, almonds, hazelnuts Invaluable energy sources for postpartum nursing mothers as well as during pregnancy. Consuming 3-4 walnuts and eating 8-10 hazelnuts a day gives energy to the mother, which helps increase milk production.


in the mother cumin that helps reduce gas problemsIt also helps to increase breast milk.

We have listed a large list of foods that can be beneficial for breastfeeding mothers. However, remember that none of these foods, which are known to increase milk, are not recommended to be consumed excessively. The important thing is to eat a balanced and healthy diet. For this reason, it is very important to get a suitable nutrition list from your doctor in order to increase your milk during your breastfeeding period, and to give importance to your own health and sleep as much as your baby.

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