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How should earthquake victims be treated? Statement from experts

The schools, which were expected to open on February 6, started education on February 20 due to the earthquake. Earthquake survivors were placed in classrooms in many cities such as Istanbul, Ankara, Antalya and Kocaeli. Experts pointed out that the reactions of children affected by the earthquake may be different due to the loss of their environment, school and friends. So, how should earthquake survivors be treated? Here are the details…

Due to the severe earthquakes that occurred in Kahramanmaraş and caused great destruction in 10 provinces and the ongoing aftershocks, the 2-week additional holiday given to schools ended as of January 20. Students continue their education and training life from where they left off. The earthquake victims, who will be guests in other provinces due to the earthquake, have been warned over and over by experts because they have stress, fear, anxiety and anxiety due to both the psychological trauma caused by the earthquake and the new environment. The importance of the communication between the teachers and the students who will host the earthquake victims was mentioned. In this news, we discussed how to treat earthquake victims who were sent to schools in other cities from the earthquake area with expert knowledge.

earthquake survivor children started classes in other cities


Instructor Assoc. Dr. Mustafa Öztürk made important warnings and suggestions regarding the communication that should be established with guest students at schools after the earthquake. Assoc. Dr. Mustafa Ozturk, “Children may feel completely outside of the normal life before the disaster, especially the rules, routines and expectations required by the school. Being aware of this, we need to make them feel fully that we miss them and how happy you are to be back at school. If the child is in a brand new school environment. Of course, it will be necessary to create new routines and expectations for him. Reconnecting with children who have not had the opportunity to think about school because of being away from school or because of the disaster they have experienced, creating new routines is the most important thing to do when they return to school. sense of belonging will be strengthenedsaid.

how to treat earthquake victims


Öztürk stated that it is of great importance to increase the socialization opportunities of children at school. “Since the children who have been away from school for a long time will be able to share with their peers when they return to school, free activities that teachers will plan by stretching the daily schedule will be functional at this point. It will also be beneficial for children that the activities are more game-based and fun. As a continuation of this step, steps such as adaptations to the program or lesson plans, easing the content density, slowing down the course and subject flow, and reducing the homework load will enable children with focus problems to make progress in the learning process.made the statement.

In addition to these, Öztürk said that another type of action is to be involved in aid activities. “In this way, children will be given a purpose when they feel hopeless and helpless, and it will be ensured that they feel a sense of achievement. We cannot be motivated to contribute to all kinds of voluntary activities, small or large, in order to make them feel that they are valuable members of this society.”used his statements.

Important statements came from experts about earthquake-affected students.


Öztürk also emphasized the need to reduce the expectations of teachers from children in this process, and used the following statements:

“When we say let’s keep children busy with educational expectations and school routines, this process should not be understood as giving them a lot of homework or having them solve a lot of questions. Putting too much responsibility on children and overworking will increase their stress even more.”

earthquake survivor students

Öztürk also said that teachers should pay attention to their own mental health. “As a teacher, we are already ready to think about and worry about our students first. This professional instinct will grow stronger and stronger in crisis situations. While we are running to the aid of students, we should not neglect ourselves, but also make sure that we take care of our own mental health. When we ensure our own well-being, we help our children in our classrooms. We can run healthier. It should be noted that teachers can provide the best support to students when they deal with a disaster calmly and confidently”he ended his speech.

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