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How to change diapers? What materials are used when changing diapers?

One of the most difficult parts for mothers and fathers who have the first baby experience is the stage of changing the baby’s diaper. Even some parents are affected by this situation psychologically and biologically. In order to overcome this situation easily, we searched for the advice of experts. How to change diapers? What materials are used when changing diapers?

Changing a diaper is not as easy as it is not difficult. Changing the baby’s diaper, which is one of the worrying processes for parents, is most important for the health of the baby. Therefore, the mother and father should be prepared for this process biologically and physiologically during pregnancy. Otherwise, any mental state reflected on the baby may pave the way for the baby’s negative traumas against their parents in the future. Most parents experience this condition frequently with a first baby. Especially mothers who have puerperal syndrome do not even want to touch the baby. Experts warn about this. Even though he is not yet conscious of something, the baby feels the behavior of the parents towards him.

set to keep all the supplies close at hand without changing diapers


The most important material is diapers. Since the diaper will be worn for a long time, it should have a cotton-like structure.

There should be a diaper for the baby to lie on, and it should be one hundred percent cotton.

Wet a wet tissue with a special liquid ratio suitable for baby skin and which does not contain cosmetic products or a cotton-like cloth that you will wash continuously.

Problems such as itching, sores or diaper rash may occur in the baby’s private areas due to the diaper that he will carry for a long time. For these, it is necessary to have a diaper cream or powder.

be gentle and slow when changing baby’s diaper


  1. First of all, the area where the baby will be changed should be well ventilated and should be a comfortable area that will continue to breathe.
  2. Also keep smiling and talking to keep baby’s attention in a different spot. Make sure to give her a toy.
  3. A soft place must be arranged for the baby to be laid on his back. You should also lay a different cloth on it.
  4. Wash and disinfect your hands thoroughly with soap and do not touch anything before touching the baby.
  5. Open the fitted diaper and gently lift the baby’s feet into the air. Pull the cloth out from under it and set it aside. Then gently clean each area with the cleaning cloth. Start cleaning from the groin. Use a separate cloth for the genitals. Wipe a few times to avoid residue.
  6. After wiping the baby thoroughly by adjusting the ambient temperature every two days, put warm water in a small tub. Put the baby there and rub it from the waist down with the help of a small piece of cloth.
  7. Re-reach the clean cloth. If there is no digestive problem, do not tie a new diaper just under the baby. Expect it to be a little more comfortable. After an average of 5-10 minutes, place a clean cloth underneath.
  8. While placing, gently hold the tips of the feet and lift them into the air. Place the cloth on the back so that it is slightly above your waist. Then apply the diaper cream as a thin layer.
  9. Let go of the baby again and pull the diaper between the legs towards the tummy, without tying it too tightly, open the adhesive parts of the diaper and stick it.

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