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How to intervene during burns in babies? First aid rules for burns in babies

It is one of the most common accidents that happen to burnt babies. Babies who often do activities like touch and smell to recognize their surroundings cause serious accidents. Parents, on the other hand, need to apply a different first aid application than the burn treatment for adults. How to intervene during burns in babies? First aid rules for burns in babies

Burns occur on the surface of the skin due to various situations. The most sensitive ones in this regard are baby skins. Since they are in the developmental stage, their skin has a very sensitive structure. The degree of burns is important for traces that will remain in advanced ages. Burns that affect the upper and just below the skin are called second-degree burns. There is a possibility that these burns will not leave any traces after a good treatment. But the most dangerous is the third degree burn. In these burns, the skin is completely deformed and its severity has reached the bones or muscles. This can even cause permanent limb loss. First degree burns are not serious. However, timely and correct intervention is important.

burns in infants progress differently from adults


  1. In case of a minor hot water or heat burn, wash immediately with plenty of cold water and apply a long-term ice water compress to the burn area.
  2. In very serious burns, the clothes on the babies should be taken off immediately. This should be done most when angry or with fire burns. Then wrap a thin cloth moistened with ice or very cold water, but do not hold the cloth for more than 10 minutes. In the meantime, it would be useful to take the road to the hospital.
  3. When they are shocked very quickly with the baby, try to distract them and make them drink water so that their surprise does not last long. Do not interfere with the crying baby, show the burn to a specialist soon.
  4. In chemical burns, there is immediate skin blistering. Since there is an acidic accumulation in those swollen places, show it to the specialist without interfering with these places. It can cause a permanent scar. Also, if the ridge explodes, it can deal more severe damage to its surroundings.
  5. Throw a wet blanket at a baby whose clothes are on fire. Try to pick it up from where it is so that the baby does not hurt himself.

burns in babies progress differently from adults


  • Because they are different from adults, babies do not understand what the situation is, so they can go into shock.
  • Don’t be alarmed or raise your voice in front of a burning baby.
  • A shocked baby’s brain functions may be damaged. This paves the way for a damaged memory in the future.
  • Also, being shocked collapses the baby’s nervous system. Blood flow is blocked.
  • Take the burns to a specialist without applying creams or ear-filled creams.
  • Don’t forget to throw a wet blanket in fire burns and take off your clothes in hot oil.
  • Babies are a serious spectator in this case. This situation looks at you, so that there is no trauma in the future, intervene with a calm attitude.

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