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How to prepare a maternity bag?

During pregnancy, expectant mothers should prepare their birth bag on time. This should not be left to the last days and should be done with careful thought. Below, you can find information about the important items that should be in the birth bag and what should be added for the companion.

The maternity bag is a preparation stage where important items that expectant mothers may need before going to the hospital are collected. Since the birth process can involve unexpected situations, the correct preparation is of great importance in terms of meeting the needs of the mother and the baby.


The maternity bag should contain the items that expectant mothers will need before going to the hospital. Here are some essential items to have in a maternity kit:

  1. Clothing: Personal clothing such as comfortable loose clothing, slippers or comfortable shoes, sanitary pads, underwear and puerperal clothing.
  2. Personal Care Products: Basic hygiene items such as toothbrush, toothpaste, hairbrush, shampoo, shower gel, soap, towel and facial wipes.
  3. Auxiliary Items for the Birth Process: Comforting devices such as a supportive bra, waist support corset, birth ball or cushion specific to the pregnancy period.
  4. Baby Supplies: Materials used in baby care such as diapers, baby clothes, baby blankets, baby towels, baby bed covers.
  5. Nutritional Materials: Breastfeeding bra, breast pads, bottle, bottle cleaning materials and healthy snacks for the mother to be used during breastfeeding.
  6. Contact and Personal Documents: Important documents such as ID card, insurance information, hospital documents, contact details, birth plan and medical records.

Thanks to these items, expectant mothers can spend the birth process more comfortably and safely.


If a caregiver is to be present during the birth, it is important to consider some important items for him as well. Things to add to the maternity bag for the companion may include:

  • Comfortable Clothing: Considering a long wait for the companion, comfortable and loose clothing should be preferred.
  • Personal Hygiene Supplies: Basic hygiene items such as toothbrush, toothpaste, toilet paper, shampoo, shower gel, soap.
  • Snacks and Drinks: During long waits, energizing snacks and beverages such as water can help the companion maintain their energy level.
  • Goods for Entertainment and Relaxation: Materials that can be preferred for entertainment and relaxation such as magazines, books, music players or headphones. They can make long waiting times more enjoyable.
  • Money and Personal Items: It is also important to include important items such as cash, credit cards and companion’s personal items in the maternity bag. It will be useful to have such items with you for emergencies or needs.

It is important to prepare the maternity bag, taking into account the needs of the person who will support the expectant mother after birth.


The best time to prepare the birth bag is in the last weeks of the birth. It’s usually a good idea to start bag preparation from the 36th week. It may be wiser to prepare a bag at an earlier date for expectant mothers who are at risk of preterm delivery or who have a planned cesarean delivery.

Creating a list and gathering all the items needed during bag prep can help you prepare in an organized manner. The timely preparation of the delivery bag ensures that everything is organized and complete at the time of delivery. Remember that every expectant mother’s needs are different, so you can customize your maternity bag considering your personal needs, hospital policies, and birth plan.

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