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How to spend Ramadan with children? Advice for your Ramadan goals with your children…

Parents who want to reach the virtue of fasting in Ramadan with their families, “How to spend the month of Ramadan with children?” is looking for an answer. In this news, we have given a few recommendations for your Ramadan goals that you will set with your children. So how do you spend Ramadan with children? Here are some recommendations for your Ramadan goals with your children…

While the sultan of the eleven months gives a different inspiration every day of the month of Ramadan, parents want their young children to enjoy the virtues of this blessed month. Ramadan events organized by municipalities or some institutions help a little to live the month of Ramadan to the fullest with the family. However, in this news, we have brought together a few methods that will help parents who want to reach the mercy of Ramadan with their children, especially in the home environment, to determine their Ramadan goals. If you haven’t created your ‘Ramadan Goal with My Child’ list in Ramadan, which brings patience at first and then peace, here are our suggestions:

What to do with children in Ramadan


My Ramadan Goals with My Child:

  • You can participate in the reactions with your children or read and listen to the Quran from the reaction programs broadcast on television channels.
  • You can learn about the lives of our Prophets for each week and add positive factors to your life with your child through their perspectives.
  • If you cannot do it every day, attend the tarawih prayer with your child at least twice a week. This helps your children to grasp the virtues of Ramadan closely.
  • Try to attend at least 2 events per week. In this way, your child will understand that the month of Ramadan is conducive to unity and togetherness.
  • Do not neglect the mass iftar. Particularly, iftars you will have together with family elders show your children that the concept of family has an important place in Islam.
  • Memorize at least one hadith every day during Ramadan with your children. With this activity you will do, your children will also get to know the Prophet (PBUH).
  • Suggest him to do good every day, not only during Ramadan but also on normal days.

my ramadan goals with my child

Remember, your actions are a guide for your children.

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