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How to talk to children about racism? What language should parents use?

Racist and marginalizing behavior, which has spread rapidly around the world, has also started to be seen among children in recent years. Racism is an attitude of superiority that is not innate but learned through environmental influences. So how do you protect your children against the imposition of racism? How to talk to children about racism? What language should parents use?

Malcolm X The words “Racism is not an ideological thought, but a psychological disease” actually shows how dangerous the imposition of racism is for the society. It is possible to see the concept of race, which is a concept used by both social sciences and natural sciences, in various fields from politics to biology, from anthropology to genetics. Racism, which is built on the superiority of a certain race, language, religion and color, is the source of many social problems. Many years ago, the racist behaviors that black people saw intensely were engraved in the memories. While racist and marginalizing behaviors are not limited to colour, they are felt on societies with different religions and languages. This attitude of superiority, which has increased recently, has unfortunately started to develop among children. For this reason, the behaviors and words of the family members who are given the first education should be chosen very carefully.

How to explain racism to children


Remember; actions and conversations nest in your children’s subconscious and turn into positive or negative actions in their later years.

When talking to children, attention should be paid to the words.


At this point, parents have an important role to play. The attitude you will show when your child compares himself with different children is very important. Therefore, as parents, you should tell your children from an early age that each individual can be different. In addition, while emphasizing the differences of people, you should definitely emphasize that everyone is equal and valuable. You should stay away from discriminatory, marginalizing and racist statements in the presence of children. You have to make them adopt that they need to respect individuals other than themselves.

People exposed to racism can become withdrawn


racism; manifests itself in practices such as violence, contempt, intolerance, humiliation and exploitation. People who are subjected to such acts face the greatest exclusion. This can cause people to become withdrawn.

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