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How to treat a child who passes the exam badly? How to treat the child after the exam

We are in an important period for children who take the exam. In fact, there is not only the anxiety of the child taking the exam, but also the anxiety of the parents as if they were taking the exam. Experts warned about the psychology of the child in this period, and warned about how to treat the child who took the exam. How to treat a child who passes the exam badly? How should the child be treated after the exam?

Families rejoice with their children and grieve with them. Parents want to support children to study best for the exam and gain top places. In these times when exam stress is abundant, it is normal for families to go through a stressful period as much as children. The child, who does not pass the exam well, is upset by the parent who has given the same effort as him. Experts also made statements about how to treat children who pass the exam badly and how to establish a relationship after the exam.

child under exam stress


The experts, who stated that the child who took the exam was stressed and anxious after the exam, also warned that parents should not adversely affect their children. Explaining that the child who passes the exam badly should be appreciated no matter what, the experts suggested that they should be aware of the fact that their parents are always with them and that they should spend time together instead of calculating points and making university predictions.

stressed child

Explaining that it is pointless to talk about the possibility and what may happen before the exam results come, the experts also stated that this situation may harm the healthy relationship with the child. The negative criticism made after the child who passed the exam badly can create the perception that their parents will only be there when they are successful. Talking pessimistically about the future and acting as if everything is over are among the objectionable situations.

stressed child

There should be no praise or criticism in front of others. The options should be evaluated well, but it should be realized that he did his best for the exam he worked for in this process. It is important to guide the child and give correct information no matter what.

child preparing for the exam

You have to explain that every person has to experience various failures, but to reach the best, losing in the first place is only part of the road. It is necessary to instill the hope that every person has a different life expectancy and that not every person can do the same things at the same age, that they can get ahead of many people in the next exam, albeit late, and be successful.

child preparing for the exam


Some children cope with this stress, which goes beyond exam anxiety in multidisciplinary families. For the exam, whatever should be appreciated, the child’s “What do I do not work?” It should be avoided in situations that will allow him to lose his sense of self-confidence. It should be explained that there is no such thing as a decrease or increase in the value given to him according to the exam result, and it should be stated that he should not be pessimistic about the future. While it is explained that it is pointless to talk before the results come out and that he should be listened to during this process, state that if he does not, he can take the next exam, and if he is not, he can take the next one. It is very important to realize that time will pass in one way or another, but the important thing is to be in the area he loves and in the direction he wants.

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