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Incontinence in children can be a sign of serious ailments.

Babies meet their toilet needs with diapers after they are born. However, after a while, toilet training starts and they say goodbye to life in diapers. When the child is two years old, poop continence, that is, the ability to hold the poop, begins, while the time for urination is a little longer. Yeditepe University Kozyatağı Hospital Pediatric Surgery Specialist Assoc. Dr. Şafak Karaçay, said, “Urinary incontinence between the ages of four and six does not cause problems due to the slow functioning of the newly recognized muscle groups in this process. However, the cases seen afterward are considered pathological, that is, problematic” .

Assoc. incontinence is a more problematic act than incontinence. If this situation continues in proportion to the growth of the child, the probability of underlying neural and anatomical activities increases.

Constipation is very common in our society due to wrong and unhealthy diet. poop incontinence and psychological reasons can also be effective in the appearance of this problem. It is necessary to care about incontinence, to pay attention to it carefully, and to eliminate the underlying pathological cause, if any. Therefore, it is very important to reveal the causes of the problem at an early stage.

The treatment of this ailment varies depending on the cause. If the child has very severe and habitual constipation, and in addition to this, he has stools, first of all, the constipation should be treated and the stool stones that prevent the inner sense should be removed.

Another problem is the presence of a feeding or conduction problem in the muscles and nerves that keep the poop in the anal region. Any problem that may occur on the neural network of our body, children born with congenital nerve and brain anomalies such as spina bifida may also experience problems in nerve and feedback transmission. When there is a problem along this path, it is often not easy or possible to fix the problem in the neural network. Supportive treatments are given to the children in this group. While some children cannot keep their poop all their lives, in others, if the innocent causes related to the intestine or nutrition are eliminated with the right treatments, satisfactory results can be obtained.

The reason for urinary incontinence changes day and night

In children in the four age group, toilet habits begin to settle with the act of noticing and holding urine in children. Despite this, children who leak urine are divided into two groups. At this point, the patient’s history becomes important. The approach changes depending on whether urinary incontinence occurs during the day or at night. The reasons for these are completely different from each other. Therefore, the path to be followed also changes. If a child who only urinate at night has no other symptoms, the problem can be brought under control within a certain period of time with light and easy treatments. This refers to a picture that happens to most people during their developmental stage.

If there is no other accompanying pathology, it is necessary to cooperate with the child and combine the currently used treatments and proceed as a team. But if there is daytime urinary incontinence, it is important to deal with it separately. Because these children may have a nervous problem, a low-capacity bladder. Sometimes, problems can be seen in nerve conduction pathways, just like incontinence. In a very simple way, there may also be an unrecognized and frequently recurring urinary tract infection. An anatomical problem can also be encountered above the bladder. Therefore, it is important to take the right steps and apply the necessary imaging methods in order to make the correct diagnosis.

It can cause kidney loss

If there is leakage from the bladder to the kidneys, medical and surgical treatment comes to the fore again to eliminate it. If there is a problem in the ureter or kidneys, the child is usually treated surgically. The most feared situation for boys or girls is the failure of families to notice problems that can lead to kidney loss. Since the disease progresses insidiously, a pediatric surgeon needs to be followed up. Although the rates are not very high, there is a possibility that kidney disorders may occur in children. So it needs to be taken into account.

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