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Is groin pain normal at 12 weeks pregnant? When is groin pain dangerous during pregnancy?

Every minute of pregnancy is wondered by expectant mothers. Expectant mothers who want to give birth to their babies in a healthy way have the fear that something will happen to their baby in the slightest pain and ache. Pregnant women at 12 weeks suffer from groin pain. Experts explained: Is groin pain normal at 12 weeks pregnant? When is groin pain dangerous during pregnancy?

Pregnancy is one of the most beautiful and painful periods in the world. In the 12th week of pregnancy, the baby, which grows and continues to develop, reaches the size of a plum. The existence of a constantly changing system in the mother’s body creates various aches and pains in the mother’s body. Expectant mothers, who are trying to give birth to their babies in a healthy way, wonder in which situations these aches and pains carry a risk. Compared to previous weeks, in the 12th week, the baby in the womb may be doing somersaults in the womb. Stating that there may be some aches and pains due to the fact that she starts to move is a part of her development, the experts answered the questions of the mothers who had groin pain in the 12th week.

groin pain during pregnancy


In the 12th week, visible nausea and dizziness decrease in the expectant mother. However, the expectant mother may experience weakness, fatigue and drowsiness. As the mother’s body gradually gets used to the presence of the baby, back and lower back pain may begin to appear. The cause of these pains is related to the hormone relaxin, which begins to be secreted during pregnancy.

groin pain during pregnancy

At 12 weeks, the baby starts to go up and the toilet feeling is seen to decrease slightly. It is seen that all vital organs of the baby have formed and continue to develop. However, various changes occur in the expectant mother. One of them is the groin pain that the expectant mother suffers when the baby moves upwards. Stating that these pains are quite normal, experts stated that from time to time, various back and waist pains may accompany these pains.

back pain during pregnancy

Stating that inguinal pain, which can be seen in the last 3 months, is quite common and normal, experts stated that the baby puts pressure on the mother as she moves, and this pressure appears as pain. The pressure that the baby starts to move after 12 weeks shows to the mother is similar to this. The baby’s limbs, which have remained immobile until this time, are formed and movements occur in the womb of the expectant mother. These movements manifest themselves in certain parts of the body such as waist, groin, back, headache.

headache during pregnancy


Inguinal pain of the expectant mother, which is one of the most common conditions during pregnancy, is among the physiological effects of the growing uterus. Experts explained when to consult a doctor for groin pain during pregnancy.

groin pain during pregnancy

It was stated that in the presence of symptoms such as bleeding or liquid coming from the vagina, burning during urination, blood in the urine, in addition to inguinal pain, it is necessary to go to the doctor immediately and intervene before reaching a vital result. However, the presence of diarrhea, fever and headaches indicates that the situation has reached a serious level.

In this regard, your doctor will want to perform a detailed clinical examination of your groin pain and some tests by looking at the baby’s condition in ultrasound. Specialists looking at the baby in ultrasound, also looked at acute appendicitis, kidney stones, enlargement of the ureters, myomas or ovarian cysts, noting the problems that may cause, and informed that it can be treated without posing a danger to the baby.

Research: Humeyra Akbayrak

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