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Is it okay to give medicine to children with tablespoons? Vital warning from experts

Experts drew attention to the fact that parents should comply with some issues when giving medication to children. It is of great importance for the health of children that the drugs are given as prescribed by the doctor and in the dosage. In this news, we have touched on all the details about how to use drugs in syrup form. So, is it right to give medicine to children with tablespoons? Here are the answers we gathered from the experts…

With the cooling of the weather, colds diseases also increased. Especially children, whose immune system is weaker than an adult, have recently been struggling with flu, colds and colds. Parents who are concerned about this situation have a big role to play. Experts warned about the careful application of the drugs given during the treatment process. Specialists, who drew attention to the measurement of drugs, especially in the form of syrup, helped parents to gain awareness with a new study. According to studies, 40% of mothers and fathers who use liquid medicine give the wrong medicine to their children. If you give the syrup to your child with a normal teaspoon or tablespoon instead of the medicine’s own measuring cup or spoon, you will be making a serious mistake in the use of medicine. Although an overdose given at one time does not pave the way for serious problems, the repetition of the mistake prolongs the healing process.

What should be considered when giving syrup to children


Experts also underlined that the bottle should be shaken to ensure an even distribution of the drug before drug application. This method provides the full benefit of the drug.

tablespoons of syrup


Most antibiotics, especially given to children, are in the form of powders that are mixed with water. Experts emphasized that drugs should be stored correctly. Referring to the parents’ compliance with the storage instructions on the medicine boxes, the experts stated that it is inconvenient to use drugs that are forgotten at room temperature and that turn yellow and wait longer than ten days.

When giving medicine to your children, be careful to give the dose recommended by the doctor.

In addition, attention was paid to the dose of antibiotics. Even if the child shows signs of improvement, the use of medication should continue until the doctor says. As a matter of fact, if the drug is stopped early, the remaining bacteria may cause the disease to recur, which means longer drug use.


Consult your doctor when unexpected side effects are seen in the use of any medication.

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