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Measles cases increased after the pandemic!

According to the researches carried out by the United Nations, it was determined that there was an increase in measles cases in children after the pandemic.

Measles in children is seen between the ages of 5 and 9. According to the results of the research conducted by the United Nations, the data announced were astonishing. While 9,600 cases of measles were reported in the past years, it was announced that there were 17,300 measles cases this year.

measles pediatric disease


Most in data records at one year There were 21 major measles outbreaks in Africa and the Eastern Mediterranean. Christopher Gregory, senior health adviser in Unicef’s immunization division, said measles should be seen as a warning sign as it is “the most contagious disease preventable by vaccine” .

measles pediatric disease


Health consultant Gregory, “Measles really shows us where these weaknesses in the immune system are. Especially the most vulnerable, where health systems are weak, besides these epidemics, there is still Covid’-19 We are concerned about countries trying to cope with the effects of “.

measles pediatric disease

Fears that the war in Ukraine may trigger epidemics in the country, as the wars have increased epidemics significantly, also continue.

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