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Mediator era in internet addiction!

Canan Hacıkabak, a 48-year-old mother of 2 children living in İzmir, found the solution in a mediator if her children’s internet and phone use became addictive. Unable to limit his children’s use of the internet by his own means, Hacıkabak knocked on the door of the Negotiating Mediators Association.

Classroom teacher living with her 2 children in İzmir Canan Hacıkabak 19 year old son Emir Tuna Aslantaş

He explained that could not limit internet usage. Saying that this situation has caused problems between them for the last 6 years, the class teacher took the computer cable with him every day to prevent his son Emir’s internet access. the wick of the fight between them fired.  As a last resort Association of Negotiative Mediators

He knocked on the door of . Canan Hacıkabak at the Association of Mediators deal found a middle ground with his children.


Explaining his son’s internet addiction process that has been going on for the last 6 years, Hacıkabak said, “Because I broke up with my wife, I could not establish authority over Emir. He was very involved with the computer. When this situation became an addiction, I took the plug with me so that he could not use the computer. When I had to, I tried to solve the problem by destroying the cable. We had serious fights at home, doors were slammed. Then we came to the Negotiating Mediators Association. We made a timeline here. Emir started to adjust when he would enter the computer by looking at the agreement.” used the expressions.


12 year old daughter with same problems Irem

The class teacher said that also lived, and that they resolved the problems between them and İrem thanks to the mediators.


He is a first year student at Izmir High Technology University, Department of Mathematics. Emir Tuna Aslantaş shared his thoughts on mediators. Stating that he was not nervous about going to the mediators, Aslantaş expressed that he was satisfied with this agreement with the following words;

“After a while, I was convinced that I was spending too much time on the internet. After leaving here, there were times when I thought I was being unfair to both my mother and myself.” Her sister İrem, who has the same problems: “My phone broke down during the summer vacation and my mother did not have it repaired. Later on, we came to the mediator and made an agreement. Accordingly, my right to use the phone will be 45 minutes on weekdays and 1.5 hours on weekends. In the past, every time I picked it up, I spent 2 hours. “There was no time left for my homework. Since I went to study and school during the day, there was no time to study. I had conflicts with my mother. We try to solve it this way.” made statements.


Saying that both sides have found a middle ground, President of the Association of Negotiative Mediators and philosophy teacher Feridun Balci, said that this is due to generational conflict. Mentioning that parents sometimes use pressure methods, Balcı talked about the content of the agreement;

“Children find a way and access the internet when they want. The permanent solution is to win. Then there is no reason to break the agreement. Both parties want to keep the agreement. We are doing a time management here. When we subtract the time required for school, personal care, travel We suggest that we divide the remaining free time into two, study partly, and have some rest and fun. Let’s say 5 hours of free time are left. While mothers want 4.5 hours of study and half an hour of fun, the child prefers to go on the Internet for 4.5 hours and study for half an hour. “I ask questions to reach consensus. After a while, both parties find a middle ground. We sign the contract and follow up on the phone.”

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