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Motherhood is not holy

Is motherhood holy?

– I don’t think so

Motherhood is a role.

And a woman is not just one role.

Life compressed into a single role,

Hidden depressions,

Unexpressed anger creates intermittent bursts of 30-40 age syndromes.

As she is sanctified,

makes a woman with children from being herself,

from realizing her own goals,

We deprive our existence from realizing


Motherhood is a preferential role.

This role also has a need.

While some are balanced, others throw all their roles and sources of happiness aside and establish a dependent system with this role.

Motherhood is not holy.

If it is holy, what shall we say to non-mothers and non-mothers?

Motherhood is sacrifice, love, value.

It is to put oneself in the background when appropriate, but generally to be in the first place together.

Because of its sanctification,

After marriage “Does it suit a woman with children” edition,

Men are child-oriented,

One side It invites many problems such as seeing motherhood as an alternative to marriage

With the sanctified mother;

The mother cannot have a life

The mother’s hobby cannot be her pastime

A mother cannot have a social aspect. A profile has been created

A mother can only be strong if she is happy. Her happiness can never be achieved only by sacrificing herself to her children. A mother who sacrifices herself

Mother’s refusal to be “perfect” for happiness

Not competing with other mothers, only mother

Other They should activate their roles, be productive, thinker, questioner,

and should not forget the purpose of their existence.

Dear mothers;

Do your best, not your best.

Don’t neglect yourself.

Don’t be confined to a single role.

Use your individual, spouse, employee, social, friend roles.

Childless women;

Having children does not increase heaven’s door for you.

Your worth, even if you don’t have children.

To be a mother, don’t step on the right goals with the wrong people. Motherhood is not your only qualification in this world…

“Actually, I am writing this article mostly thinking of mothers. With the “holy mother” effects attached to mothers, mothers are isolated, sacrifices are expected from mothers constantly, and those who demand this create space for themselves. ”

With this reference, I wish that mothers are accepted not only as mothers, but also as women, individuals, employees, bosses, spouses, social, value, labor, etc.

Serhat Foreign

Family and Marriage Counselor

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