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Mothers’ nightmare: 2-year-old syndrome

The 2-year-old syndrome, which starts in the 18th month of babies, is the fearful dream of mothers.

The 2-year-old syndrome is a special period in which some problems are encountered during the transition from infancy to childhood.

When is it going to end?

The syndrome, which starts at the 18th month, lasts until the age of 3.5 years. The 2-year-old syndrome is one of the periods when parents have the most difficulty in child development.


During these periods, babies fasten so that I will do it; He is insistent, disobedient, does the opposite of what is asked, goes into a fit of jealousy, becomes shy, has appetite problems, has sleep disorders, and has tantrums.

How should parents behave?

In this period, which is a part of child development, Since the level of perception and tolerance is different, some parents can cope with the troubles of this period more easily, while some parents may have more difficulties. Difficult families get help from a child mental health professional; With this period, it not only makes them better equipped on how to cope, but also helps them to correct if there is an incorrect child-rearing attitude.


2 year old syndrome

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