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Night feedings cause bottle cavities

Emsey Hospital Oral and Dental Health specialist Dt. Rukiye Parlak said that the habit of brushing teeth is a habit that should be gained in childhood and that an effective brushing process after breakfast and before going to bed at night will be sufficient for healthy teeth.

Causes bottle cavities

Toothpaste should not be used in infancy and children up to the age of three, live for children older than three years. Expressing that suitable special toothpastes should be preferred, Dt. Rukiye Parlak says that a pacifier or bottle, which is a mistake that mothers often make, is to use sugar, honey, jam, etc. He said that it should not be given to children before going to sleep by dipping in foods such as Brilliant, “Otherwise, the child stays with the bottle during sleep and the constant presence of sugar in the mouth causes caries in the milk teeth, these caries are also called bottle caries.” said. Rukiye Parlak explained that protective treatments are applied to prevent cavities, fissure sealant and fluoride application.

Preventive treatments are possible

It is extremely important to use brushing, dental floss and mouthwashes to have healthy mouth and teeth. Underlining that Dt. Rukiye Bright; He also stated that there are different protective methods applied. Stating that dental caries are usually caused by the inability to clean the fissures on the chewing surfaces of molars and premolars, Parlak said it is a Fissure application to prevent caries with a material that covers all these recesses and cavities on the tooth surface.

Dt. Rukiye Parlak stated that cavities can be prevented by covering these grooves with a liquid filling fissure sealant, preventing the infiltration of microbes and food residues into that area, and said: “This procedure is the permanent molars and small molars that have been removed from the age of 6 years. It can be applied to the teeth. As a result of the clinical applications, it has been observed that the formation of caries is reduced by 70-80% in the treatments performed with this method. Another way to prevent caries is the application of topical fluoride to the teeth. With this application, it is aimed to increase the resistance of the teeth against caries. As it is known, fluoride is also found in all oral care products. “The form used by dentists gives results to prevent the formation of caries, especially when applied periodically to individuals who are prone to dental caries. The frequency and amount of application can be determined by experts according to the age of the individual and the risk of caries formation.”

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