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Normal birth increases the resistance of babies

Drawing attention to the increasing rates of cesarean section and birth in recent years, Prof. Dr. F. Deniz Sayıner stated that we are the first in the world in cesarean delivery, and with this, women’s ability to give birth normally has decreased.

The image of the midwife was damaged by the media

Prof. Dr. Deniz Sayıner pointed out that while the World Health Organization found the rate of cesarean section to be 15 percent and a maximum of 25 percent for some countries, this rate was 53 percent in our country. He noted that the absence of midwives, who have had a great place in Anatolia for centuries, by the woman’s side during childbirth and the inability to have direct contact with the pregnant woman is also an important factor. In addition, stating that the image of the midwife is damaged through the media, Prof. Dr. Deniz Sayıner gave examples of the frightening midwife image created in Yeşilçam cinema and Turkish TV series, and the scenes that cause fear of normal birth. Sayiner said that this birth and midwife image created by the media caused women to move away from giving birth and normal birth.

Cesarean delivery is perceived as wealth

Stating that changes in the lifestyle of modern women are also an important factor, Prof. Dr. Deniz Sayıner stated that women who used to work in the fields and did all their work themselves today give birth more easily than women who work at a desk and get used to a practical lifestyle. prof. Dr. Deniz Sayıner explained that the perception of cesarean delivery as a sign of wealth for a period and various false beliefs that encourage cesarean delivery, such as the myth that babies born by cesarean are more intelligent, are also effective in the increase in cesarean rates. However, in recent years, normal/vaginal birth is extremely important for the intestinal microbiota of the baby, and many different complications can be encountered in cesarean section babies, and they start life with a disadvantage. Dr. Sayiner stated that babies born by normal delivery can receive more breast milk and are more resistant.

On the other hand, Prof. Dr. Deniz Sayıner underlined that midwives and pregnant women should be brought together to ensure that midwives take their place at birth, and that more accurate birth and midwife images should be created in the media.

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