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Pacifier use should be discontinued after the age of 2

Stating that the most common oral habits such as thumb sucking, pacifier or long-term bottle use, lip and cheek biting, nail biting, and teeth clenching-grinding are observed in children, Istanbul Kent University Dentistry Application and Research Center Director Prof. Dr. Elif Sepet said that if these habits are not stopped or prevented at a certain age, they will cause problems in both milk and permanent teeth.

Stating that oral habits can cause many diseases, Prof. Dr. Sepet, “Depending on the duration of oral habits, the frequency and severity of their application during the day, it can cause closing disorders in the teeth, not closing of the anterior teeth, gum diseases, speech disorders. Most of these habits are usually not noticed or by the parents. It is considered unimportant. It is extremely important to detect oral habits in children aged 3-5 years in clinical examination and to eliminate them before permanent teeth erupt. “ said

Families play a major role

Families play a major role in preventing habits that impair oral and dental health. Families should be knowledgeable about this issue. The pacifier in babies, which satisfies the sucking instinct and gives the baby a feeling of safety, should be in anatomical form and pacifier use should be reduced gradually after the baby’s first teeth erupt (6-8 months). ir.

In addition to the child’s willingness to prevent oral habits in children, it is extremely important that the dentist and family support and motivate the child. Families should not react harshly to their children with these habits, and should not apply punishment and restrictive methods. In some cases, psychological support is recommended. Praising and rewarding children’s good behavior is a good way to prevent bad behavior.

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