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Precautions to be taken for children during the coronavirus process

The coronavirus, which is highly contagious, is also transmitted to children. However, children infected with coronavirus generally survive this infection more slowly than adults. Children do not have the disease severely, but they can be carriers without showing any symptoms and can infect adults and older people.

Pediatrics Specialist Dr. Yunus Emre Mercan explained the measures to be taken for children during the coronavirus process.

Mothers should not stop breastfeeding

Mothers with coronavirus should never kiss their babies and should keep a distance of at least 2 meters from their babies when they are not breastfeeding . Mothers with coronavirus can continue to breastfeed their baby by wearing a double surgical mask, or they can express their milk, provided that they provide good hand, pump and bottle hygiene. The point to be considered here is that breastfeeding should be done in a well-ventilated room. Moreover, it is very important to have childhood vaccinations on time without delay in order to prevent the spread of other diseases.

Adequate and balanced diet

Children who stay at home for a long time and whose activities decrease during the pandemic process, simple sugar, excessive calorie foods (sweets and white all other pastries made from flour, white rice, granulated sugar and confectionery) should be consumed as little as possible. Long-term and excessive consumption of these products not only increases the risk of obesity, but also adversely affects the immune system by disrupting the oral and intestinal flora. It will be more beneficial for health to consume foods with complex sugar structure (whole wheat, buckwheat, rye, other grain products, pulses, brown-basmati-black rice, whole wheat pasta, etc.) rather than simple sugary foods. Excessive salt consumption can also lower immunity.

Legumes, nuts, yogurt and red meat are very important for the immune system. Homemade yogurt is an indispensable food that supports the immune system with its zinc, protein and probiotic content. Taking more than the daily required amount of vitamin C and using supplements instead of foods do not have a protective feature against the new type of coronavirus.

Coronavirus and child psychology

Due to this epidemic, which has changed all of our life routines, our children cannot play outside, go to kindergarten/school, and receive education at home. they are taking. Some parents also have to work from home. In this case, the following problems may arise:

– This extraordinary situation creates anxiety (anxiety) in parents and children. At this point, parents have a great responsibility. Even if parents are worried, they should not pass it on to the child! Bad events related to the coronavirus disease should not be talked about in the presence of the child, and the child should be kept away from images on this subject on television, computer or mobile phone.

– Awareness should be raised in children about the virus itself and protection from the virus. The information given should not be frightening and out of touch, but should be age appropriate. The virus can be pictured with crayons and shown how it enters the body. In order not to find the mask strange, the masks they will wear can be identified with a favorite hero, or masks can be attached to puppet/plush toys.

– All children may not like stationary, tabletop games/activities such as reading books, drawing pictures, lego-puzzle, playing dough. Mechanisms and playgrounds that can be set up appropriate for their age at home (trampoline with mesh, playground, tent) , playhouse, playground fence, colorful cushions, wall stickers such as phosphorescent stars, branches hanging from the ceiling where you can hang toys and drawn pictures, slides, etc.) can help them get rid of their accumulated energy.

– Inventing games, telling short tales and stories can make these conversations more fun in online conversations that children have with their friends, teachers and other relatives.

– Since parents who have to work from home cannot spare time for their children all day long, they need to define the time they have to work and the time they allocate to play together.

– It is best to seek professional help when anxiety and other psychological conditions that may arise due to this limitation (such as sleep disturbance) cannot be dealt with. You can even get online help for this.

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