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Privacy education for children should start at age 5

Pedagog Oya Akbaş, explaining that the child’s privacy education should start in the family from the age of 5, “The child cannot perceive that what is done to himself is good or bad. But the family should give the child training in terms of certain regions. A family should be 5-6 years old. From now on, he should tell his child where on his body should not be touched, the disadvantages of this, and that it will be dangerous no matter who, family members or teachers.” he said.

Beware of abandoned areas

A child should never be left alone, regardless of age. Mentally, the child needs to protect himself. In other words, he should be able to say ‘this person is someone I do not know’. He must learn to escape by realizing that ‘this foreign person will harm me’. This will only begin to develop from the age range of 12-15 years. It is not the right behavior to entrust small children to 8-9 year old children. It is important for families to be careful in this regard.

“80% of us are familiar”

Stating that the child who has been sexually abused should explain this situation to his/her family comfortably, İstanbul Gelişim Psychiatrist Onur Okan Demirci, on the other hand, gave the following advice to families:

“The rates show us that 80 percent of sexual abuses originate from acquaintances. In other words, while we actually protect our child against external factors, the most We solve 20 percent of this. We first need to focus on environments with familiar people. One of the mistakes made is that we restrict our child completely. We have to sit down and tell the child everything. He needs to know what the sexual zones mean and that such zones are special. The child is a sexual abuser. “The child who grows up under pressure will not tell about a sexual abuse, feeling it as a shame.”

What should a child do in case of danger

Psychiatrist Demirci stated that the simplest thing a child can do when faced with a danger is to scream, “A child at such a young age should never be left alone. If the child left your hand and disappeared in a shopping mall, his education is also important in such a case. Therefore, the family should explain to the child that they should seek help from the police, security, and store employees. . The child should know that he/she should contact these people as soon as he/she goes missing.” said.

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