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Should children drink Turkish coffee? What age is coffee suitable for?

Many of you have heard the phrase “coffee is harmful to children” for years. Do you know how true this statement is? Is coffee, which has been known to be harmful to children for years, suitable for children to drink? If you are wondering about the answers to these questions, you can take a look at our news.

widely consumed in our country. coffee It also has an important place in our culture. The benefits of Turkish coffee, which is especially seen as a part of our culture, do not end with counting. Although it can cause various problems when consumed incorrectly, coffee consumption is very beneficial for health. So, is it okay for children to consume coffee that adults love to consume? How should coffee consumption be in children? Here are the answers…

Coffee consumption in children


Internal Medicine and Cardiology Specialist prof. Dr. Canan Karatay ‘s statements in the past years that children can drink as much Turkish coffee as they want, provided that it is sugar-free, has been the subject of discussion. prof. Karatay, “Children can drink Turkish coffee as much as they want, provided it is sugar-free. Coffee is a very powerful antioxidant. Sugar damages the brain, coffee fixes it, makes it like gin” he said. Pediatric Specialist Sultan Doganwhereas “I definitely do not recommend caffeine to children. I definitely recommend not to give it to children aged 0-13. I recommend a maximum of one cup of coffee a day for children aged 13-18. Actually, it is better not to drink it, but with a cup is fine. Because they already get caffeine from their daily food.”had made a statement.

Can children drink Turkish coffee?

According to studies on children’s coffee consumption, all reactions seen in adults were also seen in children. An additional result was not observed. Since the digestive skills of children who consume coffee are also observed to work quite normally, there is no conclusion that coffee is harmful to children. However, the point to be considered in the consumption of coffee in children is to drink coffee with sugar. Damages caused by sugar in the body, adult or child more than any body, regardless. For this reason, the amount of consuming coffee with sugar should be with little or no sugar.

coffee for kids


Coffee, which should not be consumed by adults, should also be consumed in certain amounts by children. The recommended amount of coffee for children in certain age ranges is as follows;

Coffee consumption by age in children

  • 45 milligrams per day for children 4-6 years old

  • 62.5 milligrams per day for children 7-9 years old,

  • 85 milligrams per day for children 10-12 years old

  • 100 milligrams per day for children 12-18 years old

NOTE: Consumption of more than 2 cups of coffee a day in adults can cause many diseases, as well as temporarily after coffee consumption of children with hyperactivity problems; increased energy, anxiety, rush states can be observed. For this reason, it is recommended to give coffee carefully to children with hyperactivity.

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