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Should children study during summer vacation? How to study in the summer?

Children counting down to enter the summer vacation, these days when exams and classes are all over, may not allow to utter a word about school. Children, who make their summer plans based entirely on fun and travel, begin to dream months in advance to spend time with their friends. Experts explained. Should children study during summer vacation? How to study in the summer?

While the integration of sun, beach, sand, street and friends, which is a source of happiness for students who will start their summer vacation, comes to mind, for parents “How to teach for 3 months I’ll run it. Is the coursework correct?” Questions like are gnawing at the minds. On the one hand, the children who go to school every day at an intense pace for a year, on the other hand, the fear of forgetting the lessons becomes the common concern of all parents. Making a statement for this, the experts suggested that everyone should act with the awareness that their duties and responsibilities continue during the summer vacation of children.

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Experts stated that, like every human being, their children need a break after the busy school schedule and they need to do something for themselves. Explaining that they should do whatever they want because they go to school, the experts also stated that even if it is a holiday, it is necessary to be aware that duties and responsibilities still continue. For example, he may not get up that early in the morning, but he should finish the number of tests per day, and it was explained that children should give themselves to the things they need to do, not their parents.

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Giving children responsibilities and having the freedom to do whatever they want in their own time when their duties are over will also be better in terms of adapting them to life in the next adulthood. .

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should not be treated strictly depending on their success at school, and love should not be offered according to academic success. Expert opinions, adding that parents are genuinely interested in their children, revealed that when the summer vacation comes, they will not have to put pressure on the child for lessons. A child who is conscious of responsibility will take care of his own work without the need for someone else’s words in fulfilling his duties.



A summer vacation plan should be prepared by determining daily and weekly targets. For these goals, you can support the child to set rewards for himself and to receive or do the reward he set for himself when he achieves it on his own. But a parent should not integrate the reward system into the lesson and use it against the child. You can only advise in such supportive situations in the child’s life principle. Do not forget that for this at the beginning, you need to start small and continue with the system. Also, since everyone’s focus is different, you can warn them to notice when they are distracted and take a break. It will be useful to constantly remind you that studying in the summer is a completely supportive thing and that we should work in an open manner to information in every period of our lives.

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