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Strabismus in children may be genetic

Eye Health and Diseases Specialist from Yeditepe University Eye Center Assoc. Dr. İlke Bahçeci Şimşek said that it is important that strabismus occurs not only in the mother and father, but also in more distant relatives, and that all children should be checked by an ophthalmologist before the age of one. Şimşek, “The problem of strabismus can also cause psychological problems, especially in school-age children, as it causes problems related to the external appearance. Therefore, it is important that this problem is resolved before the children reach school age. Since two different images will appear in the brain when the eye slips,” Şimşek said. The brain suppresses the image coming from the eyes. This can lead to a decrease in the vision in that eye, which can lead to lazy eye” .

Beware of false slip

Some of the slips that occur in infancy and childhood are called ‘false slippage’. Pseudo-glide is a misleading appearance that occurs with the width of the eyelids and nasal root. In this case, it is absolutely necessary to consult an ophthalmologist Continuous shifting of the same eye shows that vision is less in that eye. Therefore, parents, infants and children should consult an ophthalmologist when they see a shift in one eye.

Children’s long-term staring at devices such as mobile phones, tablets and computers increases the progression of the eye disorder called myopia. Recent scientific studies, on the other hand, inform that the most important factor preventing the progression of myopia is the child’s playing in the daylight

The treatment varies according to the type of strabismus

Eye shifts are primarily tried to be treated with glasses and closure of one eye. A significant part of the slips can be corrected with these two simple methods. Surgical methods should be applied without wasting time in cases of slippage that cannot be treated with these methods.

The surgical treatment of strabismus varies according to the direction and degree of strabismus. By making a small incision over the eye muscle, the muscles are reached and various position changes can be made in the muscles according to the type of strabismus. When necessary, both eyes are intervened. Although strabismus surgeries can be performed with local anesthesia in adults, general anesthesia must be performed in children. The patient can be discharged from the hospital on the same day and can return to normal activities in a day or two. Since there may be a slight redness in the eye after the surgery, it may be necessary to use eye drops for a week. The patient can return to school or work within a week.

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